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This Week in Gear: May 9-13

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.


Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse over a cup of coffee and before you have to take the dog for a walk, then start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

Rangerwood 55 by Victorinox


The originator, not the imitator. Victorinox’s new knife sports a dashing walnut handle wrapped around a 10-function tool. There’s no toothpick in this one, but if worse comes to worst you could always find a way to hack a splinter out of the handle.

Buy Now: $75

Satellite Bluetooth Speaker by LSTN


This tiny monolith looks terrific in wood, and its 5-watt speaker driver pumps out sounds that will please any aesthete’s ears. There’s an integrated microphone for placing calls, and a 1,000mAh battery provides 10 hours of play time.

Buy Now: $100

GrandPrø Tennis by Cole Haan


We’ll always be suckers for classics married to modern tech. Cole Haan is no stranger to that game, as evidenced by their newest sneaker. Utilizing their Grand.ØS tech, the shoe keeps weight down and comfort up with its moisture-wicking properties and flexible cushioning. Great for the court, aching for a suit.

Buy Now: $130

Morgan Tool Roll by Malle


Boy Scouts may not get everything right (Popcorn? Really?), but their motto, “Be Prepared,” is a lesson that we’ve all learned — hopefully not the hard way. Regardless of what you’re up to, it’s better to have the tools you might need than not have the tools you do need. Malle’s take on the leather tool roll is simple and elegant: 20 pockets and a large pouch hold it all; leather straps hold it all in place. Take to the road in style and security.

Buy Now: $216

Camping Trailer by Timberleaf


Made of brightly painted anodized aluminum and sporting light Baltic Birch surfaces, this tow-along trailer is all you’ll need for your next adventure. A skylight, Colorado queen foam mattress, power outlets, copious storage and more. There are plenty of optional add-ons too, and since it weighs in at only 1,240 pounds, you can tow it with just about anything.

Buy Now: $15,250

HexaTraction Board Grip


If you want to hang 10 on the ocean blue, but the thought of waxing your board again has you blue, think hexagons. These grippy guys come in sets of 18 and install easily, providing wax-less traction for any board, without the mess and fuss.

Buy Now: $66

Tahoe Collection by TUMI


The consummate gurus at TUMI have released a collection of backpacks, rollers, duffels and outerwear that’s ready to take on tough travel. Featuring tough materials, coated zippers and sealed seams, it’s possible the Tahoe line can take more of a beating than you can. Good thing you don’t have to ride in the cargo hold.

Learn More: Here

D8 GTO-RS by Donkervoort


Ah, the Dutch. Cheerful, happy, tulip-loving, windmill-powered people. Who also make face-shredding track demons fueled by hellfire and death metal. The 40-unit run features an Audi-sourced 2.5-liter R5 TFSI engine, launch control, a “double-clutch function,” a new suspension and wider track, new brake system, a “made-to-measure” interior and copious carbon fiber. All in a street-legal, madness-inducing sports car. Now to find some wooden driving shoes…

Buy Now: $172,000

Stuff by Fred Sunscreen


Australians know a thing or two about surviving in the sun. This is photon protection, minus the scary chemical-rich ingredients. A mixture of beeswax, coconut oil, iron oxide, cacao and, of course, zinc, do all the work while you pretend that you like laying in the sun motionless for eight hours a day every weekend.

Buy Now: $15

The Henry Mid by York Athletics


Daaaamnmmmn these are cool. Made of breathable mesh and perforated micro suede, these sneakers boast welded-seam uppers, enhanced medial and lateral support and a molded EVA midsole for proper lightness. We’re into these mids, but if you want to show off your ankles, a lower version is available too — all in grayscale, save the gum-colored soles.

Buy Now: $120

The A-Type by Detroit Bikes

Photo: Southern California Bicyclist

Boasting oversized wheels and lightweight frames, these minimalist bikes are made right in Motown. Each features three-speed gearing and plenty of add-ons, should you want to accessorize your matte-black pedal-mobile.

Buy Now: $699

MowerPlus Activity Tracker by John Deere


Let’s talk about your neighbor. For years now he’s stayed one step ahead of you: fertilizing at the perfect moment, transplanting the right plants, trimming his hedges into fists with extended middle fingers. But now you’ll have data on your side. Like the activity tracker you clip to your wrist, John Deere’s new app tracks all the necessary mowing metrics, from average speed to mow time to an aerial view of your mow path. Using built-in tips and historical data, you’ll be able to one-up that smug SOB down the road in no time.

Download Now: Free

The Heritage Boxer Short by Sunspel


100 percent white cotton poplin boxers based off items in Sunspel’s own archives (each pair comes in their own 100 percent white cotton poplin pouch). The original Sunspel boxer short debuted in 1947, but now it fits like a modern garment should.

Buy Now: $70

SmileSolar 20BAR Collection by Q&Q


A battery-less, lightweight watch that’s made of recycled materials and good to 200 meters? And it’s available in a ton of colors? And it costs less than a nice dinner for two? That runs for almost four months on a full charge? Why are we talking in questions? Why haven’t you gotten one yet?

Buy Now: $60

Auto Icon Screen Print Series


Even the nerdiest of car nerds might have trouble identifying all the models on these posters. With the exception of the Mustang and BMW taillights posters, each print is a chronological collection of a marque’s most significant vehicles. Yes, there’s a master list at the bottom of each, but it’s so much more fun to guess…

Buy Now: $30

Pro Team Flyweight Glasses by Rapha


Featuring interchangeable Carl Zeiss lenses, these ultra-lightweight cycling sunglasses are the next addition to your kit. Four silhouettes, four colorways, all drool-worthy.

Buy Now: $220

Booy iPad Stand


Pop your iPad on this guy via magnetic catches or a silicone pad and prop it up anywhere and everywhere in any which way you wanna. It’s like a bean bag with your tablet, only instead of beans this soft leather fella is loaded with hypoallergenic fill.

Buy Now: $100

Drift Sofa by Fernando Mastrangelo


Only the most morbid among you would dare watch Titanic while lounging on an iceberg-inspired concrete couch. (But when you do, post something and tag us because that’s admittedly quite funny.) To provide juxtaposition to his art, creator Fernando Mastrangelo has padded this (probably quite heavy) living room centerpiece in a soft velour. Just don’t ask us to help you move.

Learn More: Here



If Jacque Cousteau were alive today he’d be happier than a pig in shit. Homeboy could just power up his shiny new remote-controlled, robotic submersible (fine — drone) and explore the great blue deep without getting his little French head wet. And now, thanks to this affordable (relative to submarines) gizmo, you too can prod Neptune’s backyard from the safety of the shore. Onboard cameras record in HD, the LED dome light throws out 800 lumens and the thing looks incredible. Available in three variations; red beanie sold separately.

Buy Now: $2,699+

RPV Civilian Edition by Ghurka Armored Vehicles


OOOOOOH, BABY. And here we thought it was cool when Arnold had a fleet of Hummers — that was so two decades ago. This is the real deal: a terrifyingly reinforced defense vehicle made available to the general public. (If you consider being able to drop $300k on a tank “general.”) The body panels will withstand 7mm armor-piercing rounds; the vehicle can ford 30 inches of water. A diesel V8 churns out 300 horses and 660 lb-ft of torque, driving all four wheels. And you’ll need it — this bad mother weighs in at well over 13,000 pounds.

Buy Now: $278,000

Pro Trek PRW-7000 by Casio


Casio has introduced a new, rugged, digital/analog watch, and it’s a rather capable beast. 200-meter water resistance, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, a compass and a tide/moon age indicator. Plenty more features abound, including a function that suggests good times to go fishing.

Learn More: Here

San Gabriel Shirt by Smith x Howler Collection


This excellent collab has brought about polarized sunglasses with awesome orange tips, t-shirts and hats, but our favorite in the collection is this deceptively simple short-sleeve shirt. The material blend will do you big favors in the warm weather, detailing (more orange!) around the pockets add a bit of visual spice and there’s a hidden microfiber lens wipe on the underside of the hem.

Buy Now: $69

Greyscale Collection by DSPTCH & Multee Project


It’s not quite a Fifty Shades situation, but there’s enough gray here to satisfy almost every… want. Suede and ballistic nylon combine to provide toughness and visual interest to DSPTCH’s shoulder bag and daypack silhouettes. Accompanying the bags are accessories in the same colorways: a carabiner keychain and braided camera strap.

Learn More: Here

Mesh Freeshell by Outlier


In “interesting takes on blocking UV rays” news, this new mesh shell is just enough of a jacket to provide your head and arms protection from the sun’s rays, but insubstantial enough to stay light, comfortable and breathable on your body. The jacket also transforms into a small bag and includes a shoulder strap.

Buy Now: $365

In-Ear Monitors by Fender


Thousands of ears were scanned and analyzed in order to create the perfect shape for these auditory-canal corks, meaning they should comfortably fit 95 percent of the head antennas out there. 3D printers construct the bodies, and Fender applies their signature guitar-lookin’ colorways. They’re getting great reviews already — treat your cartilage dishes to something nice.

Buy Now: $100+

Sunglasses by MYKITA for Highsnobiety


To celebrate Highsnobiety’s 10th anniversary, they’ve collaborated with another Berlin-based outfit, MYKITA, to make these ultra-fly shades. Only 300 will be made, so make haste.

Buy Now: $400

Taua Sneakers by Veja x Industry of All Nations


Veja is a French sustainable-footwear company that clearly has this whole “style” thing down cold. These are constructed in Brazil from natural rubber and organic cotton, then hand dyed with a very ecological mindset. The natural dyeing process is a major selling point, as no toxic waste is produced from start to finish.

Buy Now: $110

NFC Cardholder Collection by Striiiipes


Years ago we were promised that a simple app would exchange contact info with other phones via a (still very stupid-looking) fist bump. This is a way classier, better method. Vibrant leather — onto which you can have initials added for free — forms a perfectly handsome business-card holder, but beneath its layers of colorful cowhide is an NFC chip that will broadcast your contact info (or whatever you choose) to capable devices. Digital and analog in one.

Learn More: Here

Custom-Fit Star Carbon Helmet by Bell


3.41 pounds — just barely heavier than the average human brain, and able to completely protect it should you go sliding while riding. Speaker pads, a padded chin strap, internal speaker mounts and a 3Mode Shield are joined by features like a trick ventilation system, UV protection, and anti-fog and anti-glare properties. And it looks so goddamn good. (Note that Bell’s online store is out of stock, but that you can sign up to be notified when that changes — or, you can find it at a brick-and-mortar store.)

Buy Now: $1,000

Contrapante Independent Watch Boutique


From Associate Staff Writer Andrew Connor: New York vintage watch dealer Analog/Shift has been selling pristine timepieces for years from big brands like Seiko, Rolex, IWC and Heuer, among others. Now they’ve launched a sub-brand called Contrapante that will specialize in the selling and servicing of timepieces from the likes of great independent watchmakers, like NOMOS, Lang & Heyne and F.P. Journe.

Learn More: Here

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