Weekend Digest: How to Travel Better This Summer

GP editors choose their must-reads from the week, including a guide to flying premium economy, a selection of wardrobe essentials for life on the go, tips for traveling better, and more.


Although we’ve lost our faith in Malcolm Gladwell, the idea that it takes a lot of hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field seems like good sense. Whether playing the violin or shooting free throws, the more you practice, the better you get. Air travel seems an unlikely field of expertise — and you won’t achieve accolades for being good at it — but the same rules of practice for perfection apply: The more times you pack a suit, miniaturize a dopp kit, navigate a security line, sleep through turbulence or negotiate a canceled flight, the easier travel becomes. (We needn’t remind you that airlines and the TSA aren’t making it any easier.) And I say this confidently: If there were a stage at Carnegie Hall for packing a dopp kit or an NBA finals for speaking to Delta representatives over the phone, we’d be rock stars and world class athletes here at GP.

We hope you find some of our tips and buying guides helpful as you hit the road this summer. – Jeremy Berger

Words Without Context

A Notable Quote From The Week

“His thinking on major public works is making waves and challenging the art curator as fossil. His is a potent mixture of deadly serious and wild not-giving-a-damn. And if you think someone behind the scenes in the stuffy old art world can’t change your life — well, we’ll see.”
– Chris Wright

Make Travel Easier

Tips, Gear and Hotel Recommendations

Wardrobe Essentials for Life on the Go

These are the premium accoutrements to any journey, the picks that come from the refined palate of the guy who’s putting six figures of flight miles on the books each year.

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25 Great American Boutique Hotels

From a mid-century Palm Springs oasis to a vintage inn in the Catskills, these are the country’s best boutique hotels.

Learn More: Here

A Guide to Flying Premium Economy

To improve your flight experience, opt for some of these enhanced economy options on your next trip.

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5 Tips for Simpler Travel

From enrolling in TSA Precheck to bringing the right charger, these five simple tips will buff out the rough edges of your current travel routine.

Learn More: Here

The Best Hard-Shell Suitcases

You’re going to Croatia. You’re going to bring back wine. And olive oil. Get the right hard-shell suitcase so your things come back in one piece.

Learn More: Here

And Don’t Forget: Father’s Day

You’ve got exactly one week to find a gift. This year we’ve assembled a collection of goods to honor both the best qualities and the quirks of the old man.

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