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Today in Gear: July 26, 2016

Running shorts that will protect your smartphone, a water-resistant briefcase, an incredibly rare Apple computer at auction and much more.

Simon Simard

Good morning and happy Tuesday. If you somehow survived the Heat Dome without becoming a desiccated shell of your former self, and if you’re also a movie fan and top-notch geek, this past weekend provided enough sweet nerd manna to nurse you back to comic-book-loving health. That is to say, the movie trailers and teasers that came out of Comic Con are the proverbial sun’s rays to your perhaps depleted Superman skin. Justice League, Dr. Strange, Kong: Skull Island, and many more, including what is possibly the most kick-ass of the bunch: Wonder Woman. Watch the whole slew in their 2-3 minute glory here, thanks to Vulture. And then tune back in for what’s good in gear: running shorts that will protect your smartphone, a water-resistant briefcase, an incredibly rare Apple computer at auction and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

‘Made in the USA’ Center-Hi by PF Flyers


This updated version of the sneakers you know and love (see: Sandlot, Film) is slightly different from the originals in a very attractive way. 14-ounce heavyweight canvas features leather details (instead of rubber) on the toe and vamp, and the lining is 100 percent pigskin leather to coddle your feet. Each pair of kicks is finished by hand in Boston, signified both by the name and stamped lining. They’re the perfect classics for the ballpark or commute — and everything in between.

Learn More: Here

Men’s Elite Run Short with Smartphone Pocket by ROKA


Ah, running. The most basic and accessible of the aerobic activities: simply step out of doors and move your feet. But what of the fear that we’re missing a delicious tweet? What of the text response we’ve gone crazy awaiting? What of Pokemon?! With its two integrated pockets, ROKA allows the safe carriage of what you need most when you leave your place: keys and your phone. The key pocket is designed to minimize pokes, while the phone pocket features bonded seams and a hydrophobic lining to keep your warranty intact.

Buy Now: $75

Water-Resistant Constant Briefcase by Stuart & Lau


Commute much? Like, outside? (Where it rains?) Try some lightweight, waterproof twill nylon with Horween leather details and hand-polished hardware. This briefcase features a wheel-bag-ready handle pass-through, so you can keep things in place as you sprint to make your connection. Its companion piece, an equally clever weekender, features an umbrella slot to keep your body dry, too.

Buy Now: $298

At Auction: Rare Celebration Apple-1 Computer


Own one of the first Apple computers ever. According to the auction house, no computers configured in this way were sold to the public — it features blank PC boards and manual solders. That means it’s a truly unique and original computer; in fact, in many ways it’s the original.

Bid Now: Here

Roark Sunglasses by Turnbull & Asser X Larke


Each of these is handmade in England, and, going against Turnbull & Asser’s normally flamboyant aesthetic, is streamlined and minimalist. But no less handsome than you’d expect — just like your sunglass-wearing face.

Buy Now: $550

Ferret AFV by Action Vehicle Engineering X TOYO


This is a 1959 Ferret six-wheel ATV. It’s armor-plated and its small inline-six has been replaced with an LS V8. Maybe most impressive, the cannon atop the vehicle has been replaced with a grappling hook gun, ostensibly to help wench the Ferret out of sticky situations. The King suspension parts beneath the body are mated to 39-inch TOYO Open Country tires; the middle wheels are raised and lowered by hydraulics. If that doesn’t sound great enough in print, watch this video and enjoy your stupid grin.

Learn More: Here

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