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Today in Gear: August 8, 2016

New backpacks made for modern commuters, a down-filled camera lens bag, neoprene-free wetsuits and much more.


Good morning and Happy Monday. By now you’ve taken in all manner of Olympic games — archery, shooting, rowing, volleyball, fencing — and are beginning to count the golds. Whether you’re in the US or elsewhere, we’re rooting with you. And if you’ve got 3D printed cars on your September shopping list, let us know how your purchase goes. We’re warily rooting with you too. Here’s what’s good in gear: new backpacks made for modern commuters, a down-filled camera lens bag, neoprene-free wetsuits and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

At Auction: 2014 Lotus C-01


Only 100 of these bikes were made. Only one is said to be in the US. Originally penned by a former Bugatti desgner (the same fellow responsbile for the TRON Legacy Lightcycles), this uniquely bodied, 200-horsepower moto is even more special since it’s the only two-wheeler to bear the Lotus name. It’s never been ridden, and is expected to go for nigh on half a million bucks.

Bid: Here

Modern Commuter Backpacks by Everlane


Everlane’s latest bags are designed for cramped subway trains and long sidewalk treks. There are three cleverly designed pockets on the outside so you can store all your EDC, and the overall profile is svelte enough to survive even the L train at rush hour.

Buy Now: $68

Auto-Follow Camera Drone by Staaker


This new drone anticipates your next move and positions itself for a good shot. Its 3-axis gimbal keeps those shots steady, and since it’s waterproof and can travel up to 50 mph for 30 minutes at a time, you’ll be a YouTube phenomenon in no time.

Buy Now: $1,195

Neoprene-Free Wetsuits by Patagonia


Supplanting traditional neoprene construction, these natural rubber wetsuits are certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Because neoprene uses nonrenewable resources, you can feel on good terms with the earth the next time you get out on the water to be one with it.

Learn More: Here

Lens Base Layer by Matador


Your torso isn’t the only thing in this world that benefits from puffy jackets. Filled with down and synthetic fibers, this padded camera gear shell is lined with a water-resistant layer to keep your neses dry and cushioned against bumps and scrapes. Because of how it’s shaped, the Base Layer will fit almost any lens; because it features a simple buckle, it’ll clip to any gear you’ve already got.

Buy Now: $40

Corporate Bike Fleets by Handsome Bicycles


If you run a company, you know your employees can feel restless and claustrophobic, and that sitting all day, inactive, is a negative thing. Likewise if you work for a company. (By the way, those two groups account for, like, 98 percent of adults reading this.) Point being, it’s good to get out and move — Handsome Bicycles knows this, and so they’ve developed fleets of bikes companies can offer for employee use. So next time you send Rachel from Marketing out for a box of coffee, make sure she brings a helmet.

Learn More: Here

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