Hot Dogs Are Disgusting and Not Fit for Human Consumption

Come at me.


Millennials get an unfair bad rap!

Johnny Depp is overrated!

Dogs are better than cats!

Making bold statements is perhaps the most surefire way to get people riled up — if you speak strongly from the gut, you’re bound to ruffle feathers and, most importantly, get attention. That’s how marketing works. That is, by and large, how Donald Trump became president. In the editorial world, we call bold statements “clickbait,” which to me is not unlike tone-deaf Pepsi ads or blatant, ignorant lies on the world stage.

Among our staff, we talk about titles and headlines a lot. Because we know you, the gear connoisseurs, are well rounded and well read, we need to compete for your attention; hence, bold statements to pique your curiosity. But the difference between disappointing bullshit — clickbait, “fake news,” etc. — and what we do (see below) is we back up our work with equally bold stories and interesting, serviceable truth. Hopefully, you agree — if you don’t, please reach out and set us straight.

And to be clear, hot dogs are absolutely, undeniably foul. — Nick Caruso

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