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Today in Gear: April 12, 2017

Tesla solar panels, a clever book summary app, a Bugatti watch and much more.

Mike Ditz

Good morning. Mark your calendar for April 26 — for the first time ever, NASA and Amazon will live stream video from space, in stunning 4K resolution. Astronauts often say, of course, that the true beauty of space is best seen in person; 4K live video will likely be the closest we civilians will come to doing space’s indescribable views justice.

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

Hardbound Illustrated Book Summary App


We all want to be more intelligent, but who really has the time or patience to digest a 300-page book? Hardbound condenses bestselling nonfiction books into five-minute snacks, rich with the juiciest nuggets of knowledge and clever, animated visual aids.

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Tesla Solar Panels


Not to sound hyperbolic, but it’s true — Tesla’s new solar panels are the future of home energy. Designed specifically for everyday homeowners, they blend in wonderfully with any style of roof and work with Tesla’s equally promising home power bank, the Powerwall. It’s a huge step in the right direction.

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Bugatti Aerolithe Performance Watch


Bugatti’s Aérolithe was an ahead-of-its-time concept from 1935 that inexplicably disappeared, though apparently not from the minds at Parmigiani Fleurier who ostensibly used it as inspiration for the brand’s latest timepiece. The Parmigiani Bugatti Aerolithe is powered by an in-house flyback chronograph movement housed in a 41mm titanium case with lugs sculpted in the shape of the Aérolithe’s dorsal seam. Further, the black, textured dial is adorned with Signature red and blue colors. — Andrew Connor, Associate Staff Writer

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Nissan Rogue Trail Warrior


In case its name wasn’t aggressive enough, the Rogue just got a special mod: American Track Truck 48-inch tracks fitted to a custom suspension. There’s a winch, too, so that’s nice. The engine is stock, however, so if you drive through 8-bit video games as often as we do, good luck finding where you parked your weird crossover. — Nick Caruso, Associate Editor

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Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 14


Hats off to our pals at Highsnobiety on yet another visually stunning, engrossing magazine. In this issue, they examine various musical subcultures and the artists that lead them, like rapper Big Sean and Jay Kay, the lead singer of Jamiroquai, among others — with sprinkles of cutting-edge fashion on top.

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Motogeo Coffee


Motogeo is basically a gang of dudes who are stoked on all things motorcycles, adventure and the products that tag along for the ride. As they cruised around the hills of Colombia, they discovered this particular blend of coffee bean; now they offer it to you. The beans are independently roasted by James Coffee in San Diego, California, and can be purchased in bulk.

Buy Now: $18

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices


How to save on Patagonia shorts, a camera accessory bundle and Penguin sneakers.

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