Even the McLaren P1 Is Slower Than Tesla’s New Sedan

Tesla gave the Model S line an upgraded battery.


Spec the new Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode and you’ll have the quickest production car on the market. There are quicker cars out there in the world, but since the Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 are both out of production, the new Tesla takes the crown (purportedly — no one has tested it yet). If you do ever line up next to a LaFerrari you may lose the race to 60 mph by one or two tenths of a second, but at least you didn’t pay a $1.1 million premium for a moment in time.

To get the acceleration time of the current Model S P90D down to hypercar territory, Tesla updated the battery pack to 100kWh of power. Amazingly, along with that increased power, Tesla also increased the range of the new Model S to 315 miles, making it the first all-electric car to crack the 300-mile barrier.

This world-beating performance comes at a price: $134,500, new. If you’re a current Model S P90D owner and you want to upgrade your hardware, you have the option of swapping batteries…for a $20,000 service bill. However, if your P90D is still on order, you can get the upgrade for $10,000 before you take delivery.

So if you want to (silently) embarrass a hypercar at the drag strip while carting four of your friends and a trunk packed for the weekend, the American-made all-electric sedan is the bargain of the century.

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