The Best Stuff You Don’t Really Need

Ayurvedic medicine, the perfect cup of coffee, a dream home on the back of a truck, and much more.


Gotta get the essentials right. No question about it. But if we’re talking about the joy of buying stuff, really nailing the right toothpaste is akin to popping some bubble wrap: satisfying as hell, but fleeting. Finding what is potentially the best coffee in the world, then buying a specific kit to mimic the technique of the best barista in America, and monitoring the temperatures of five separate pours? That’s the wingsuit-flying of consumerism. Every once in a while, you need a taste of that life. – Chris Wright

Words Without Context

A Notable Quote from the Week

“All coffees want to be brewed in a particular way, and you’ll make some beautiful coffees just by experimenting.”
– Dylan Siemans, to Emily Singer

5 Non-Essential Kitchen Tools That Are Worth the Money


Not required — but totally recommended.

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How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee in America

Chase Pellerin

From Dylan Siemans, winner of the Brewers Cup at the 2017 U.S. Coffee Championships.

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A Camper-and-Truck Combo That Can Tackle Any Trail


Main Line Overland’s special-edition collaboration with Woolrich pushes the camper firmly into the market for millennials.

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