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Today in Gear: July 5, 2017

A Best Made Co.


Good morning. Welcome back. We hope you spent yesterday stuffing your face with beef — ground and naturally cased — while watching colorful explosions in the sky. As it turns out, one of the institutional pillars of America, the United States Postal Service, isn’t the safest place to work. The entity that takes care of your mail reports more injuries than any other employer in the country, according to OSHA.

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

Apple Donating $1 Per Apple Pay Purchase at Apple Retailers


America’s public lands have been at the center of discussion lately, and it was only a matter of time before Apple gave its two cents, or in this case, one buck. From now through July 15, the tech firm known for pods, pads and books will donate a dollar for every purchase made with Apple Pay through its virtual and brick and mortar stores. Additionally, Apple Watch owners who get out for a 3.5-mile workout on the fifteenth will unlock special badges and iMessage stickers on their device.

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‘Persimmon’ by Marc Gabor Photography


Whether in the pages of a magazine or framed on a wall, we love printed photos. Tappan supports the artists who make them by connecting them with buyers and collectors in a transparent way, all while keeping prices accessible and fair. Persimmon by Marc Gabor is an easy favorite. A surfboard, a vintage Porsche and orange? I mean, c’mon.

Buy Now: $250+

Best Made Co. x Coulter Fussell Yalorun Independence Day Quilt


Best Made Co., fueled by a passion for Americana, celebrated yesterday’s Independence Day with two one-of-a-kind quilts. Each one is an homage to the patchwork quilt-making of the 1770s and the decade in which we gave King George the boot. The blankets are made by hand in Mississippi by artist Coulter Fussell using a mishmash of materials including Best Made’s remnant Japanese fabrics, army fatigues and old work shirts.

Buy Now: $1,600

Cabin Mobile Hotels


Until Elon Musk figures out how to get Hyperloop up running, the journey between LA and San Francisco will remain a slog. Cabin is counting on it and remedying the situation with a night bus service that removes all the discomforts of public transport and replaces them with luxury sleeper cabins.

Book Now: $115+

AR Measure Augmented Reality Tool


It’s about time someone put augmented reality to use for something other than catching Pokemon. AR Measure is an app that installs a virtual tape measure onto your phone. The app allows you to measure from point to point in 3D space that can be applied to everything from furniture to well, anything. The app will be available with the release of iOS11, and it won’t snap back on your fingers either.

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A Steel Bike Designed to Fix New York’s L Train Commuting Nightmare


From the Gear Patrol Store: The L Train commuter bike from Brilliant Bicycle Co. is specifically designed to help 250,000 stranded Brooklyn residents to get to work.

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Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices


How to save on sales from Canon, Backcountry and East Dane.

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