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The Apple Watch’s Biggest Advantage? Killer Charging Accessories

Make the most of Apple Watch ownership (and your battery life) with these smart third-party accessories.


There are plenty of technical factors to mull over before choosing a smart watch. It’s great that several companies are now challenging the Apple Watch’s hardware superiority, but when it comes to accessories, the fight between Apple and every other brand isn’t even a contest. Sure, spending extra cash to support a non-essential gadget like the Apple Watch can feel like a slippery slope. But the convenience these smart accessories can add to your ownership experience can’t be understated. Make the investment; you’ll be glad you did.


This hard-sided travel case neatly stores the watch and charging accessories. It also fills in as a stand when you’re traveling. $50 (via the Gear Patrol Store)

Belkin’s Valet Charge Dock is the best-looking combo charging stand for the iPhone and Apple Watch. $120 (via Belkin)

Belkin’s other standout accessory combines a 6700mAH backup battery with an integrated Apple Watch charger, allowing owners to leave the included charging cable at home. It’s got enough juice to charge an Apple Watch approximately six times or more, or charge an iPhone roughly five times.
$100 (via Amazon)

Looking for a budget solution? Trust our friends at the Wirecutter: The Spigen S350 is your best bet and takes full advantage of the Apple Watch’s Night Mode. $8 (via Amazon)

The Pod Pro from Nomad combines the features of a portable battery with a charging stand. The anodized aluminum donut wrangles the watch’s included power cable and boasts a 6,000mAH battery capable of charging an iPhone 7 and Apple Watch twice, each. It also comes with integrated Lightning cable. $80 (via Nomad)

Native Union’s weighted Anchor charging stand is a great affordable option for minimalists who’d rather avoid putting their technolust on full display. $30 (via Amazon)

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