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Today in Gear: August 16, 2017

American-made felt pennants, a Fiat camper van, a commuter backpack collection and much more.


Instant Gratification: Amazon is opening a handful of new brick-and-mortar shops called “Instant Pickup” points, where shoppers can retrieve Amazon Prime products that they ordered online just minutes before. The service aims to make Amazon Prime more ubiquitous, convenient and inexpensive, as well as encourage the sale of certain Prime items that have typically floundered, like snacks and groceries.

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

True Americana Home Decor


Oxford Pennant Custom Pennants and Banners: Handcrafted felt pennants and champion banners, made for discerning adults. (Not dormitory-bound college kids.)

Learn More: Here

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Now You Can Sling Your Camp Hammock Anywhere


ENO Nomad Hammock Stand: Because you can’t always find two perfect trees.

Buy Now: $250

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Premium Dress Shoes at Non-Premium Prices


Beckett Simonon Valencia Oxford: Each whole-cut shoe is handcrafted by a master artisan in Portugal from a single piece of full-grain Argentine leather. Preorder now for $100 off the list price and free U.S. shipping. — Caitlyn Shaw, Social Media Coordinator

Buy Now: $199

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Go Ahead and Wear This Fitness Smartwatch with Your Suit


Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR: All the high-performance fitness tracking and smartwatch functions you’d expect from a Suunto, in slick, luxe colorways.

Buy Now: $279+

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Olive Green Is the New Black


DSPTCH Moss Colorway Collection: A capable and stylish addition to your commuter arsenal.

Buy Now: $62+

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An Italian-Made Rolling Home


Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition Camper: Fiat is making a big splash in the crowded public pool that is #vanlife.

Learn More: Here

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Gear Patrol Field Guide: American Craft Beer


From the Gear Patrol Store: Introducing your favorite new printed thing. What ever happened to the humble field guide — that thumb-able, spiral-bound companion we kept nearby as a quick go-to resource for our latest obsession? Ah yes, Google. We’re not here to refute the speed of a search engine, but damn if we don’t love a great thing to hold and reference. That said, we’re pleased to introduce you to our latest creation, Gear Patrol Field Guides.

Buy Now: $9

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices


How to save on Hydro Flask bundles, Adidas activewear and a Café Du Cycliste jersey.

Read the Story: Here

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