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Today in Gear: August 15, 2017

Backpacks for neat freaks, a portable grill, a rare Porsche and much more.


Bon Appétit: In an abandoned cabin in the far reaches of Antarctica, scientists have discovered a near-perfectly preserved 106-year-old fruitcake. The dessert was found encased in its original paper and tin wrapping and is believed to be a relic of the famous British explorer Robert Falcon Scott’s infamous Arctic expedition. The scientists described the ancient cake as “almost edible,” which is a good way of describing all fruitcakes.

The dessert was left there by the famous British explorer Robert Falcon Scott. The Arctic climate acted as a giant refrigerator

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

Reason #1 to Donate Your George Foreman Grill to Your Local Goodwill


Napoleon TravelQ PRO285X Portable Grill: George Foreman’s portable grill makes paninis and not much else. Not steaks, not shishkabobs, not ribs. This thing, on the other hand….

Buy Now: $299

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A Collaboration We Can Get Behind (and Not Just Because It’s Orange)


Unimatic x WOAW Modello Uno U1-DHK Dive Watch: How’s this for exclusive: only thirty will be made. Thirty!

Buy Now: $770

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Osprey’s Newest Bags Are Made for Neat Freaks and Gear Connoisseurs


Osprey BigKit Organizational Duffel: For people who give a damn about their gear, and exactly how and where it’s placed in their backpack.

Buy Now: $150

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Owned and Loved for 38 Years


1973.5 Porsche 911T Targa: Is it blue, or is it purple? Who cares — this rare beauty could be smeared with splotches of rust and puke green spray paint, and she’d still be worth bidding on.

Bid Now: Here

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File Under ‘Jackets That Don’t Make You Look Like a Mountain Bro’


Norse Projects Rokkvi 3.0 Gore-Tex Parka: It’s over a thousand dollars for good reason.

Buy Now: $1,050

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A Game That Belongs on a Shelf, Not Stuffed Into a Dusty Cabinet


Mr. Pip’s Double Cross Dice Game: A fun dice game, masquerading as a piece of beautifully designed tabletop art.

Buy Now: $35

Gear Patrol Field Guide: American Craft Beer


From the Gear Patrol Store: Introducing your favorite new printed thing. What ever happened to the humble field guide — that thumb-able, spiral-bound companion we kept nearby as a quick go-to resource for our latest obsession? Ah yes, Google. We’re not here to refute the speed of a search engine, but damn if we don’t love a great thing to hold and reference. That said, we’re pleased to introduce you to our latest creation, Gear Patrol Field Guides.

Buy Now: $9

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices


How to save on a Goldwin jacket, Santa Fe Stoneworks knife and a Miansai duffel.

Read the Story: Here

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