Bring Home Your Little One's Very First Electric Balance Bike

Designed for three to five-year-olds, the STACYC electric balance bike can help your child develop confidence - and skills - on two wheels.

mom jogging next to daughter riding her stacyc 12edrive bmx bike

You ever get feeling when you just know your child will go on to shred mountains? The problem is knowing how to encourage their destiny – it's not like their Sesame Street tricycle is gonna cut it on the trails. The STACYC 12eDrive is a super capable, badass-looking balance bike for new riders ("little rippers") and can help your child learn to push, stay stable and eventually coast on their first bike.

To get them started, help your child practice with no battery before eventually tackling three different levels of powered modes ("the holy grail of fun," per STACYC). Designed for children with an inseam of at least 14 inches and good for inseams of up to 20 inches, the bike boasts a 13-inch seat. Its TIG welded aluminum frame keeps it lightweight and True Twist Throttle makes it easy for young riders to master the controls. With a 30 - 60 minute charge time, the 20Vmax voltage bike can run for up to an hour – depending on the terrain. If you’re looking for an exciting next step for your favorite little rider, pop a bow on the STACYC 12eDrive (and drop a helmet in their stocking).

Price: $799


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