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Today in Gear: The Soap You Should Be Using, a Stealthy Leica, Camouflaged TVs and More

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Rudy’s Body Bar Bundle
Bar soap may be the most basic shower essential, but that doesn’t mean you should use one that’s basic. Your daily shower routine is how you begin every day, so we recommend putting some care into selecting what you use to wash up. Enter Rudy’s new Body Bar Bundle. The refined package will not only get you clean, but it has three specific formulas for whatever it is your skin might need.

The bundle comes with three different body cleansers — because each has a separate job to do. Each bar is made with its own unique group of ingredients to tackle whatever issues your skin might face. The Exfoliating Body Bar will take away any dullness or uneven texture with sea salt and eucalyptus, the Detoxifying Body Bar uses activated charcoal to purify your skin by absorbing dirt and oil and the Moisturizing Body Bar mixes organic coconut oil and shea butter to soothe your skin. Whatever you might need, Rudy’s has your sorted. And now through April 8th, Gear Patrol readers get free shipping when the order the Rudy’s Body Bar Bundle by entering the code GPSHIPS at checkout.

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New & Noteworthy Releases

Danner X Topo Capsule Collection

Your new summer beater has arrived.

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Leica M 246 Stealth Edition

Black, Black, Black, Black, and some Knurled Brass

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Boker Plus Kihon Stainless Tanto/

Tanto pocket knives employ a blade similar to the short swords used by Samurai in feudal Japan. Boker Plus' new folding tanto, the Kihon Stainless Tanto, is a beautiful and modern rendition in pocket knife...

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Hamilton Khaki Pilot Automatic

Hamilton has a long history of making pilot's watches and it shows in this new timepiece.

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Intense Sniper XC Trail

The Intense Sniper is the most exciting mountain bike released so far this year.

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Samsung 2018 QLED TVs

If the TV is wall mounted, you can take a photo of it and the surrounding wall, and the display will imitate the pattern of the wall.

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McIntosh MT2 Precision Turntable

The belt-driven turntable is capable of playing both 33.3 and 45 rpm records.

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Budnitz Bicycle Alpha

Budnitz Bicycles' made-to-order bikes often come with a price tag of $5,000 or more, but not this one.

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Garmin Tactix Charlie GPS Watch

With a battery life of 20-hours, this watch will help you navigate any challenge.

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Fresh Deals


Nike Cheyenne 3.0 Solid Backpack
Save 47%: If you’re looking for a new backpack that won’t break the bank, this is it. The understated Nike Cheyenne 3.0 Solid Backpack is made for everyday use and features a spacious interior, a front zip pocket and adjustable shoulder straps. Now at End, it’s 47 percent off and costs just $29 — just try finding a minimalist daypack for less. — John Zientek

Buy Now: $55 $29


Pioneer Wallets
Save 20%: The fabric used in ballistic body armor has to be tough. The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers are durable, water-, bullet- and flame-resistant, and the backbone of Pioneer wallets. All models are 20% off today, meaning you can spend $50 on a wallet that will likely last forever. — Meg Lappe

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Erato Verse Truly Wireless Earbuds
Save $30: My colleague, AJ Powell, has been listening to Erato’s Verse wireless earbuds for the last few weeks. He’s an Android guy who has never experienced the true magic of AirPods — what a pity! — but he’s also a bit of an audiophile who has taken by the sound and comfort of these normally $130 earbuds. In his quick review, he wrote that “if Apple’s AirPods don’t fit in your ears, or if you’re an Android user like me who would rather pair with a non-Apple product, the Verse earbuds are a great option.” So if that description fits you and you’re also looking for a deal — you can buy the Erato Verse wireless earbuds for just $100 on Massdrop. — Tucker Bowe

Buy Now: $150 $100

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds Boots
Save 49%: If you’re thinking about investing in a new pair of leather boots at the end of winter, head over to Allen Edmonds site for substantial savings. The heritage American footwear brand is offering deals of up to 49 percent off its classic models including Chelsea boots, chukka boots, trench boots and more. You’ll like spend under two bills on a pair of quality boots that will last you for years to come — hard to fault that. — John Zientek

Buy Now: $350 $177


Nintendo Switch
Save $20: The Nintendo Switch has been around for just over a year — it celebrated its one-year anniversary a few days ago — and it’s on pace to become maybe the best selling video game console of all time. Yes, it’s a little bit popular. That said, it’s actually still nearly impossible to score a deal on the console. The Switch normally costs $300 — and that includes the console, dock, Joy-Con controllers and grip accessory — but you can get $20 off if you shop on eBay right now. — Tucker Bowe

Buy Now: $300 $280


Matteo Linen Sheet Sets
Save 40%: Sometimes a deal comes to you at just the right moment. Matteo’s linen sheet sets, masterpieces of cozy coolness in their own right, are 40% off right before things begin to thaw out. The US-based bedding operation sources cotton from the best mills in the world, ships them into their LA warehouse for sewing and dyes them to-order, meaning your bed sheets are one of a kind. Snag Matteo linen sheet sets in mica, harbor blue or white for $175 off the regular price. — Will Price

Buy Now: $400 $287 (varies by bed size)


Indochino Suits
Save 50%: If you’ve ever listened to a podcast in your life you’ll know Indochino. They make made-to-measure suits for a price that won’t make you spit coffee on the suit you’re currently wearing. But the budget-conscious suiting brand is also bringing deeper customization to the mass suiting world — adjust lapel width, lining color and pattern, play with the number of jacket vents, pockets, buttons and more to your liking. It also just so happens we’re at the dawn of wedding season. A suit that fits you can be had for 50% off, or as low as $349, now and until Saturday. — Will Price

Buy Now: $700 $349

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