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Today in Gear: The Solution to Keeping Your Hair, an Incredible Desk and More

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Hims Complete Hair Kit
The hair on your head is another one of those things you don’t really pay much attention to until it’s gone. According to the hair-loss stymying brigade at Hims, you should probably start thinking about your head more.

Hims is a men’s wellness company with one mission: to save you from some of aging’s most obnoxious side effects before they become bigger issues. The monthly subscription service sends a care package of DHT-preventing pills and shampoo, a body-bolstering multivitamin (headlined by Biotin, a B-vitamin important to hair health) and a daily topical solution that encourages new hair growth.

Gear Patrol readers get the first month of hair-healing goodies for a measly $5 by visiting the exclusive link below.

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New & Noteworthy Releases

2018 Ford Mustang California Special

Modern tech makes the 2018 Mustang California Special more enticing.

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Malvaux Limited Edition Number 1 Pocket Knife

If the Number 1 is déjà vu familiar, that's because Malvaux looked directly to its Swiss compatriot, Victorinox, and its time-tested Swiss Army Knife for inspiration. It came back with a limited-edition folder that arguably...

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Viarco Digitallab Oak Drawing Desk

In an all-Portuguese collaboration with Digitalab, 111-year old Viarco built a drawing desk with heaps of storage, a huge space to sketch on and wonderful modernist vibes.

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Division Road x Viberg Horween Heritage Boot Collection

Viberg's heritage styles and Horween's respected leather.

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Fresh Deals


Johnston & Murphy Hernden Chelsea Boots
Save 43%: A good pair of Chelsea boots is a wardrobe essential. Their slip-on build makes them ideal for travel, and their streamlined silhouette allows for them to dress both up and down. The thing is, finding a well-made pair at a decent price can be challenging. Fortunately, Nordstrom Rack has a pair of black leather Chelsea boots from Johnston & Murphy at a solid 43% off, taking the price down from $175 to just $100. — Andrew Connor

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eufy RoboVac 11+
Save $380: So long as you’re not expecting Roomba or Dyson robot vacuum performance, eufy’s RoboVac 11+ will satisfy your wishes for clean floors with minimal effort. Right now, the RoboVac 11+ is 70% (or $380) off — its lowest price ever. The machine, while seemingly an average, mid-market robot vacuum in every way, accomplishes what it needs to: four hour charge time for one hour of runtime, it’s smaller than others in its class, it automatically tailors suction to the surface it’s on and it’s significantly quieter than its competition. In addition, eufy is owned by Anker Innovations, makers of plenty of vetted, high-quality products, so this isn’t a shady backroom part-picking organization. — Will Price

Buy Now: $560 $180


Dakine Party 22L Duffel Bag
Save 30%: Warm weather will be here before you know it, so now is the time to capitalize on the getting the 22-liter Dakine Duffel Bag Cooler for 30% off. The insulated main compartment can hold about 12 beers and keep them cool for a day’s worth of festivities. On the outside, there are two built-in Koozies and three other zippered pockets to store snacks or hold speakers. Oh, and you also get a stealthy bottle opener attached to the back. Think of it as the ultimate summer-time utility belt that you sling over your shoulder. — Bryan Campbell

Buy Now: $80 $56


At $35, You Have No Excuse for Passing Up These Bookshelf Speakers
Save 57%: Monoprice is known for crafting high-quality audio products at affordable price points. We’ve sung the brand’s praises time and time again (its tube amp in particular). Today, a pair of Monoprice’s Select 5.25-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers are on sale for just $35. If you’re looking to add some bookshelf speakers to your home audio setup, or just have your eyes peeled for a good deal, this one is hard to pass up. — AJ Powell

Buy Now: $80 $35


The Upgrade to the Classic Swiss Army Knife Is Also a Swiss Knife
Save $35: If the Number 1 is déjà vu familiar, that’s because Malvaux looked directly to its Swiss compatriot, Victorinox, and its time-tested Swiss Army Knife for inspiration. It came back with a limited-edition folder that arguably better than the original. — Tanner Bowden

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The 10 Best SUVs Under $50,000

Deciding on a single SUV is no easy task. And since the average price for an SUV 2017 was just under $40,000, it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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The Best MacBook Pro Cases to Buy in 2018

If you ding up your MacBook Pro, you can either be more careful carrying it or use a computer case. Most choose the latter.

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Here’s Why You Can Finally Buy Your Favorite Watch Online

And why brick and mortar boutiques won't be going away anytime soon.

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