Explore the Largest Selection of Wetsuits Known to Man

Stock up for your scuba, surf or snorkeling adventure this summer with Scuba.com

man wearing scuba gear sitting by ocean

An integral piece of gear for every watersport, wetsuits aren’t just key for keeping you warm in colder water — they’re designed to provide buoyancy in the open water, while protecting the wearer from abrasions, stings from marine life and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

At Scuba.com, watermen can find wetsuits for a wide range of activities including scuba, spearfishing, surfing and triathlons. Not sure where to start? Consider the brand’s NeoSport XSPAN suit ($130). Built for warm-water use, it’s a versatile piece designed for seamless comfort and durability. If you’re looking for a great entry-level suit, consider this Aqua Blue Men’s wetsuit ($60). With flexible duratex knee pads and a stretchier fit across the body, it’s a great suit for beginners. The best part? Both suits are currently on sale for 35 – 40 percent off until May 30.

In addition to wetsuits, Scuba.com offers gloves, hoods and boots so users can easily build out their complete kit. With plenty of suits and gear for both men and women, Scuba.com is the perfect one-stop shop for every water adventurer.


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