From Boxers to Undershirts, Reimagine Breathable Layers with UNIQLO

Dress light from the get go with UNIQLO’s AIRism Innerwear

man in bathroom wearing airism shirt
Courtesy UNIQLO

This summer, it’s time to finally ditch your heaviest tees and briefs in favor of UNIQLO’s tried and true AIRism collection. Designed to help you feel fresh, stay dry and remain comfortable through the entire day, AIRism is powered by smart, wearable technology. The textile’s ultra-fine fibers are designed to absorb and instantly wick away sweat so you can stay fresh in the warmest weather, and to further prevent stickiness, AIRism fabric is spun extra smooth.

Across the larger AIRism collection, fans can find everything from lightweight shorts to breathable boxer briefs. That said, the brand’s AIRism tees are a clear standout, home run, must-have for the summer. Readers can layer up by starting with the Anti Odor Mesh V-Neck T-shirt; a lightweight tee that will keep you dry and comfortable no matter what you wear over it. Otherwise, consider throwing on the U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized Half-Sleeve T-Shirt or standard Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt. Both are powered by the same AIRism technology, and can factor in as your go-to innerwear or favorite tee for going out.

So this summer, don’t waste another second. Make the switch to AIRism today to feel — and look — extra fresh.

Price: $15 - $20


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