The Five Best Cars in the World Are… These Four Cars

Congratulations to Porsche, Kia and Mazda.

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The 2020 World Car Awards have been announced, and the five prizes went to… four cars and three automakers. Congratulations to Porsche, Kia and Mazda. Plus: Gear Patrol headlines you won’t want to miss, next week’s Instagram Story calendar and more.

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In This Episode

Top Headlines:

  • What You Need Know About Sonos’s Big Hi-Fi Upgrade
  • You Can Buy Beer from the Best Breweries in America Online for the First Time Ever
  • This New E-Bike Is Insanely Affordable and Practical
  • Want a Rolex Submariner? Here Are Three Worthy Alternatives That Won’t Cost as Much
  • The 2020 World Car Awards:

  • World Car of the Year – Kia Telluride
  • World Luxury Car & World Performance Car – Porsche Taycan
  • World Urban Car – Kia Soul EV
  • World Car Design of the Year – Mazda 3
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