The Next New Mini, $400 Planar Magnetic Headphones, and Why Cold Brew Sucks

Plus: a new Oris dive watch with a bronze bracelet, and Audeze makes planar magnetic headphones affordable.

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According to reports, Mini may be building its biggest vehicle yet – a new crossover called the Traveller. Also, Audeze makes planar magnetic headphones affordable, Oris releases a limited-edition watch with a solid bronze bracelet, and cold brew coffee… sucks. (Sorry.)

In This Episode

  • Mini Might Be Building Its Biggest Car Yet. Will Americans Go for It? (Read More Here)
  • The California Company Bringing Planar Headphones to the Masses (Read More Here)
  • This Chronograph Watch Features the First Swiss-Made, Solid Bronze Bracelet (Read More Here)
  • Cold Brew Coffee Sucks. Here’s Why (Read More Here)
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