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Today in Gear: August 15, 2013

Tanner Goods Canine Bowl Hey, buddy. We’ve been meaning to talk to you about your sense of style.


Tanner Goods Canine Bowl
Hey, buddy. We’ve been meaning to talk to you about your sense of style. Not to come down on you, but it’s a little outdated and juvenile. You think think about upgrading a little, okay? Yeah, that’s a good boy. Goooood boy. Here’s a treat. And here’s something to get you started: a collapsible, 10-ounce waxed canvas water bowl. That old plastic thing is for the dogs, ya know? Besides, a little style goes a long way with the bi- ahem ladies. $50

Baxter Safety Razor
There are few things more manly than a good ol’ face shave. Dragging a sharp blade across some of the most sensitive and delicate flesh we have, past dangerously shallow arteries and such, is our common bond. It’s also wicked awesome to go old school. Put the two together and you get a safety razor straight outta yesteryear. Gets some shave soap and go all granddad on yourself. $60

Toj Clothing Racks
Designer Simon Legald wanted to produce a clothing rack that would be as functional as it is handsome. The minimalist design is straightforward, and the shelf near the base is a welcome addition to conventional racks. With exposed screws and gray or white hardware, the design is so striking that you may not even want to hang clothes on it. $410+

45NRTH Fasterkatt Cycling Boot
If you’re hard core about your commute, can’t live without solid cycling adventures year-round or are the Wicked Witch of the West, have we got the boot for you. They’re made for temps as low as 25 degrees F, tying inside a shell that zips shut to seal out the elements. A trick insole made of felted wool and aluminum weave is meant to help maintain warmth, and a glass-shard-infused outer sole ups the traction ante when you’re off the bike. $225 ()

Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet
Made of only veg-tanned leather pieces threaded together, this sleeve eschews all extraneous glues and linings to keep things slim as possible. If you travel very lightly, use it as a wallet; if you’re all about business, use it for your cards. Regardless, it’s unobtrusive enough to slip inside a shirt pocket and comes in three colors including a pretty fly “blue steel” — though we imagine a stylish, slim card sleeve will be easier to get to than your underwear. $55

Jones Stand Golf Bag
Tired of carrying your clubs in a quiver? Of course you are. Quivers are for arrows, ya dingus. What you need is a classic golf bag. This one from Jones is about as classic as it gets, with fur details, a plethora of pockets and a rain hood. And it stands up! On its own! So now you can run with the big boys at the club and show off how much you got the whole “transporting my stuff” thing down. Just play nice or you’ll be in a world of hurt. $200

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