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Today in Gear: September 25, 2013

Timberland 40th Anniversary Ltd. Collection Traditionally, rubies are the gift of choice for a 40th anniversary.


Timberland 40th Anniversary Ltd. Collection
Traditionally, rubies are the gift of choice for a 40th anniversary. In lieu of red gems Timberland is upgrading their signature boots; their classic yellow boots, Super Boot and World Hiker all get a refresh for this run, including details like PrimaLoft insulation, Vibram soles and Gore-Tex. You’ll have to be quick to snag them, though, as only 1,973 of each style will be produced (1,973 + 40 = 2013). This afternoon will mark the end of an auction in which the highest bidder will walk away with numbers 1 and 1,973 of each style, with benefits going to Rainforest Alliance. timberland.com

Trust Company Restored Axes
In a strong bid to respect and maintain heritage, Trust Co. takes axe heads that have gone through years — decades — of work and restores them to like-new quality while not polishing away the legacy that’s soaked into each tool. Rust and chips are carefully ground away, but original markings are kept intact as best as possible, and heads are then paired with custom-made hickory handles. $125+

Valve Software Steam OS
This Linux-based OS, made with living room use and specifically televisions in mind, will make gamers happy as hell. Valve’s OS will play custom-made content and also eventually feature a game-streaming functionality that will wirelessly supplant users’ PCs and project their digital fun time onto whatever console sits in front of their couches. This is a shot across the bow of Windows 8, and makes at home gaming a lot more accessible. Free ()

ICON A5 Special-Edition Light Sport Concept
Light Sport Aircraft are already dreamlike soaring machines built for two persons. But ICON’s A5 is a revelation unto itself — extra cool in just about every dimension — and using a vinyl wrap process, this special version projects the vehicle’s internals to the outer skin, presumably so the hangar cleaning crew and Superman can admire your aircraft for what’s inside, since that’s what counts and all. It looks badass, and you’re probably badass in one or more ways if you can afford one. iconaircraft.com

Dual Beer Glass Set
Most guys who drink two beers at a time are double fisting and/or going through a fall semester hazing ritual. Then there’s the 1% of double-beer drinkers who want to combine two brews because they compliment each other’s taste and qualities. Dual Beer Glasses are for those dudes: two beers can be poured into one glass separately but sipped as one. The beers’ flavors and aromas are captured in tandem, allowing for ultra-refined and efficient swilling. And there’s no need to duct tape the glass to you hand. $128

Microsoft Surface Tablets
Replacing the Surface RT is the Surface 2, supplemented by the Surface Pro 2. Neither is much of a visual departure from the previous generation; both have all new guts. The 2 gets a 1080p screen, USB 3.0 inputs, faster internals and 25% more battery life all in 32GB and 64GB trim, and it’s lighter than the RT was. The Pro’s Intel Core i4 means more power and better graphics. Battery life is up 75% and it’ll come in 256GB and 512GB configurations, both with 8GB of RAM, which is insane — that bigger one could hold, like, a billion Commandments. $450+ ()
Coach-+-Billy-Reid-Whiskey-Flasks-Gear-Patrol Coach + Billy Reid Alligator Whiskey Flask
We won’t make any billionaire alcoholic jokes, but if you’re gonna pick up the fanciest hip flask we’ve ever seen, well, you certainly have means and you certainly like to be conspicuous about the booze you’re hiding in your back pocket. It’s killer-looking, which is appropriate for something that involved the killing and skinning of a killer. Just do us a favor and only fill this guy with the good stuff. $500

Belkin YourType Bluetooth Keypad
If we keep this up, our entire desk is going to be covered with aluminum slates set at a slight angle, all meant to reduce visual clutter. But this one might be worth it. As a seamless supplement to Apple’s wireless keyboard, this number pad (with function keys and navigation controls as well) is ready to extend your typespace for extra digit duty. Of course it’s compatible with anything sporting Bluetooth. $60

Kindle Fire HDX Tablets
In the market for a tablet? Amazon’s got something to say. Their new Kindle Fire HDX in both 7- and 8.9-inch sizes makes a strong showing against the iPad: processing is handled by a zippy Snapdragon 2.2 GHz quad-core chip, battery life is bumped to 11 hours, weight is dropped 13.2 ounces and pixels are crammed in at a rate of 339 per inch. The “Mayday” button will have an Amazon Expert show up on your screen 24/7/365 if you can’t figure out how to get “Say Yes To the Dress” out of your viewing history. You’ll probably just end up talking about how cool your tablet is. Oh, and it starts at $229, available this November. $229+

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