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Today in Gear: October 11, 2013

The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V You’ve been immersed in the magical world of GTA V for weeks now, a blissful release after the months and months of anticipation. You’ve explored, flown, exploded, bought, painted, golfed, hang-glided, danced, and cartwheeled.


The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V
You’ve been immersed in the magical world of GTA V for weeks now, a blissful release after the months and months of anticipation. You’ve explored, flown, exploded, bought, painted, golfed, hang-glided, danced, and cartwheeled. But when you have to pry yourself away from the screen and go to work, how can you keep the thrill alive? You can’t ramp your car full speed onto the roof of a building or chase hookers around in real life, so you might as well listen to tunes from the game itself, now available à la carte or as an album via iTunes. $1+

VoyVoy Clothing
VoyVoy began as a surfboard manufacturer, making boards in new, innovative ways. In their online-only apparel shop, they take the best of their surfer lifestyle and combine it with the urban knowhow they’ve gleaned from the streets of New York City. Check out the Work Shirt, which features a hidden microfiber patch on its underside, perfect for polishing glasses and phone screens, or the checkered button downs and graphic tees with inverted, contrast-fabric pockets. voy-voy.com

Objekten Keyring and iPhone Stand
Recycled bonded leather, one fold, one metal eyelet, one precision cut. That’s all it takes to make a thoroughly handsome keychain that’ll double as an iPhone stand. Lay the thing flat, fold back the cut-out flap, plop your little dude in the slot and you’re computing vertically. $13

Baxter Of California Safety Razor Set
The next time you shave, take an instant step into yesteryear — when things were sunnier and razors didn’t vibrate, ooze, freeze or light up, and ultra-modern goop like micro-bead irritation-guard post-shave cooling ointment for sensitive skin and pleasant dreams didn’t exist. German-made with nickel-plated brass and chrome details modeled after a barber pole, this badger brush and safety razor combo are a throwback to your grandpa’s heyday. Pick up this pair and you’re one smooth shave away from yelling at kids on your lawn. $250

Union Wine Co. Wine In A Can & Tasting Truck
You’ve heard of the “winification” of beer — the trend of craft beer’s convergence with wine’s sophistication. Previously featured in our Tasting Notes, Union Wine Company is breaking down barriers to enjoying wine, kind of a “beerification” of vino. At Feast Portland they launched a limited-edition release of their Underwood Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in a can, serving the cans from their signature salvaged vintage French Citroën H Van. Both their can o’ wine and wine tasting truck embody Union’s philosophy of making wine more accessible to a younger market, without the pretense and formality often associated to the spirit. It’s gonna give “Joe Six-Pack” a whole new meaning. Anyone in Portland got a couch we could crash on…? unionwinecompany.com

Return of the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear
Inspired by a stuffed bear dressed in Polo style that his staff gave him years and years ago, Ralph Lauren’s crew neck sweater is designed to impart a heavy helping of now retro whimsy. Voted on by visitors to the website RL Vintage, the sweater is limited edition and is only available in one color: “hunter navy bear”. $295 ()Leibal-11+-Sound1-Computer-Speakers-Gear-PatrolLeibal 11+ Sound1 Computer Speakers
This small, bold speaker set is as clever as it is good looking. An angled bottom perches each at the perfect degree of tilt on a desktop while hidden magnets make joining the pair for storage a cinch. When stored in the included pouch, all the speakers’ cables tuck inside the hollow bottom section, and ambient LED lighting completes the look. $85

Sigg Elements Bottles
If you’d like to make a style statement while sipping from your 0.6-liter, 100 percent Swiss-made, BPA-free aluminum bottle, look no further than Sigg’s Elements collection. We’re fire men, ourselves. $23

Bose SoundTouch
The success of Super Mario Bros 2 was largely due to the fact that it gave consumers a choice — do you play as Mario or the Princess? Toad, or Luigi? In creating their new SoundTouch system — which allows you to wirelessly stream internet radio — Bose tapped into this same piece of the human psyche, producing three different systems, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The 30 Wi-Fi is made for large rooms, the 20 Wi-Fi is made for medium size rooms, and the Portable is designed for the patio. They won’t help you defeat Bowser (how many years have you been trying?), but they’ll sure as hell be the star of your next dinner party. $400-700
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