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Today in Gear: November 19, 2013

Pacer App Maybe you don’t go to the gym because you’re afraid you’ll have an inefficient workout. Maybe you’re so concerned about timing your workout that you can’t even bear to leave the couch.


Pacer App
Maybe you don’t go to the gym because you’re afraid you’ll have an inefficient workout. Maybe you’re so concerned about timing your workout that you can’t even bear to leave the couch. Here’s your solution: an iOS 7-specific app that’s great looking and times each portion of your workout, from stretching to warm up to cool down. Create an interval training workout by stringing multiple in-app timers together, and get healthier as a result. Or at least get off the couch. Free

Grooming Lounge The Master Outdoorsman Kit
Just because you’re out in the wilderness for a while — be you hiking, camping whatever — doesn’t mean you should come back all haggard and thoroughly outdoors-ed. But how to prepare? This kit is an excellent start: special bug spray, antimicrobial wound rescue, wipes for…wiping, deodorizing wipes, sunscreen and an ultra moisturizer. You can’t go wrong with a curated pack of the finest items around. Just bring a compass so you can return to civilization before it all runs out. $60

Made In Mayhem Leather Goods
Handmade leather goods — Wallets and iPad/iPhone cases cut from colorful leather that’s patiently waiting for a custom patina à la your daily use — fashioned right here on American soil. What are you waiting for? madeinmayhem.com

Coin Digital Credit Card
This project is quite funded, and promises delivery next summer. It’s a great idea: all your credit card accounts organized into one app that works in tandem with a trick credit card-sized-and-shaped dongle so you need only carry one card, ever. Simply use the digital readout to select which card you want to use, swipe and your transaction is complete, minus the pocket bulge. Should you wander more than 10 feet from the card, you phone will send an alert. Dunno ’bout you, but something here smells awfully future-y to us. $55

BlueLounge Sanctuary4 Charging Station
This extremely good-looking valet, with its recessed tray and simple tablet stand, sits unassumingly atop your dresser or desk or countertop. But inside resides a 4-amp charger in the form of a 4-USB hub that you plug-and-play your own cables into (one micro USB is included) for handsome electrification. $100

Sonic Editions Photography Prints
Be one of the first and only folks to own artistic, often candid shots of the most iconic people to ever step in front of a camera — celebrities. Pulled from archives and sourced from big-time photographers, these prints of musicians, artists and film stars don’t get much more rad. Each is numbered, as they are limited edition, and custom framed per order. soniceditions.com

Toms Marketplace
Toms — that altruistic shoe brand — is known for be a stylish social force, and now they’re spearheading an entire marketplace full of other companies with a similar mindset. Each product and company in the Marketplace gives back in some way — proceeds go toward fighting hunger or improving education (and much more) for those in need or, like Toms, donate an item each time one is purchased. Basically, it’s a lot of good condensed into one wonderful place. toms.com

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