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Today in Gear: April 3, 2014

Today in Gear we examine Amazon’s assault on the living room, Jack Spade’s new line of sunglasses, Burberry’s linen ties for spring and Tag Heuer’s Carrera CH80.



Tag Heuer Carrera CH80
To showcase their new caliber CH80 Tag stuck with the Carrera, the heartbeat of their heritage. If it’s any indication of where Tag is headed in the near term, we couldn’t be more excited. tagheuer.com

Amazon Fire TV
Bezos’s plans for the living room are finally out in the open. The Fire TV is an Android-based set-top box packing high-end smartphone hardware like 2GB of RAM and a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, which give it far more power than competing devices from Apple or Roku. Streaming is its primary directive, but integrated voice search via the remote and an optional dedicated gaming controller backed by a budding list of developers prove Amazon’s aspirations are just getting started. Someone take Ouya off life support, now. $99

Meridian Special Edition DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers
New special editions of Meridian’s DSP8000, 7200 and 5200 active loudspeakers feature revamped beryllium dome tweeters, wide bandwidth analog electronics and drive units clamped with machined rings for improved stability. In other words, the best just got better. Meridian-audio.com

Jack Spade Sunglasses
You like their bags, clothes and accessories. Now you’ve got your choice of eight Jack-inspired frames ranging from classic Hopkins aviators to the’60s Beatnik-approved Franklin. We’re certainly ready for the sun to cooperate. $148+

Burberry Overdyed Textured Linen Tie
The time to add color in your wardrobe is nigh — and no, navy doesn’t count. Burberry’s overdyed skinny cut linen ties are handmade in England and offer excellent solutions for work, promoting a more relaxed look without the baby shower baggage. $295 ()

Commodity Goods Scent Fitting Kits
No self-respecting guy need ever experience the fragrance floor of a department store or simply go with the cologne picked out by the fairer sex. LA-based Commodity Goods’s scent fitting kits allow shoppers to test out all 10 of their distinct smells including whisky, wool, cane book, paper and cloth for a small fee. If you decide to buy a full-sized version within 30 days of receiving the samples, they’ll credit you back the cost of the fitting kit. $5+ ()

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