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Today in Gear: Kick Off the Week with Us

Info on the first Curtiss motorcycle in 115 years, a retooled Sinn 103 Ti Ar watch and the latest chapter in JJJJound's collaboration with New Balance.

today in gear april 18 2022 cutiss motorcycles

It looks like the board of Twitter isn't going to let Elon Musk buy the company without biting back. As we reported last week, Musk is attempting to take hold of the social media giant in a bid to bring Twitter private. Now, the Twitter board is enacting a "limited duration shareholder rights plan" that would go into effect if any entity attempts to purchase 15 percent of the company's stock without prior approval from the board. At that point, select shareholders would have the opportunity to buy more Twitter stock — diluting the market with new shares and devaluing individual ownership stakes. As Engadget points out, this is more commonly known as a "a poison pill strategy." In real terms, this makes Musk's original plan to offer for Twitter a bit more complicated, requiring him to either get prior board approval or pay an added premium (on top of any he imposes himself, as he noted in his original $43 billion, $54.20 per share, offer). While this won't stop Musk from acquiring Twitter outright — to quote Engadget, "the rights plan doesn't prevent Twitter from accepting a buyout offer if
it believes that's in the best interest of its shareholders" — it does show the board's reticence to be bought out (at least in Musk's bold, sudden style). Elon Musk antics aside, today we're looking at the first Curtiss motorcycle in 115 years, a retooled Sinn 103 Ti Ar watch and the latest chapter in JJJJound's collaboration with New Balance. This is Today in Gear.

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Curtiss Motorcycles is reborn with first bike in over a century.
curtiss motorcycle

Curtiss Motorcycles (formerly known as Confederate Motorcycles) traces its roots back to American aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss. The brand's new Curtiss One motorcycle is inspired by Curtiss' own land speed record-breaking 1907 V8 motorcycle. The new Curtiss 1, serving as a spiritual successor to that motorcycle and the first release under the Curtiss Motorcycles name in 115 years, is designed to be an EV; the model boasts 110 hp and can go up to 120 miles on a single charge (with two hours charging at 220 volts topping the battery up to 80 percent). For more on this concept-driven revival motorcycle — and to reserve your own — head to the link below.


The 103 Ti Ar makes its way back into Sinn's lineup for Spring 2022.
sinn uhren modell 103 ti ar watch
Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH

A utilitarian pilot's watch, the 103 Ti Ar was originally put on hiatus back in 2012, until its return for Spring 2022. Retooled with a few different updates — including lume-treated hour indices, bezel triangle at 12 o'clock and the incorporation of the Concepto C99001 movement — it's a tight chronograph that also includes Sinn signatures like the brand's propietary Ar-Dehumidifying Technology.


JJJJound teases its latest New Balance collaboration.
new balance 990v3 sneakers

If you're plugged into sneaker culture at all, you know that New Balance has firm footing (pun not intended) as a major rival to Nike and adidas in cultural cachet. The online moodboard-turned-design studio and brand has teased the latest chapter of its long-running New Balance collaboration: a New Balance 990v3 in a dark tan and black colorway. While more details are sure to come (it almost always begins with a small teaser on social media), get an early look at the teased image over on Instagram.


Beats' Studio Buds get punched up with new colors.
woman wearing beats studio buds true wireless noise cancelling earphones

If you're interested in going for a pair of Beats' Studio Buds (but are bored by the simple monochromatic offering), the brand has just released three new colorways: Sunset Pink, Ocean Blue and Moon Gray. While these Studio Buds are effectively identical to earlier editions — basically serving as a more budget-friendly option compared to something like Apple's AirPods Pro or Beats' PowerBuds Pro — the brand has beefed up its app to make software updates easier to receive and make product details easier to access on both iOS and Android devices.


Weber's Smart Grilling Hub takes the guesswork out of a perfect medium rare.
weber connect smart grilling hub

As anyone who has cooked over a hot grill on a spring or summer afternoon can tell you, getting whatever you're cooking exactly right is a lot harder than it might seem. The Weber Smart Grilling Hub allows you connect (literally) to what you're grilling with thermometers that plug directly into what's over the flame. The system then sends notifications straight to your phone, with prompts on when to flip and alerts as to when food is cooked to your idea of perfection.


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