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Yeti's new "Alpine Yellow" collection, The James Brand's first knife with MagnaCut steel and what might just be "the best office chair you can buy."

today in gear april 22 2022 napoli bamboo one piece micro dot shirt

Following in the footsteps of the ill-fated Quibi, it looks like another streaming platform has already bitten the dust before it could really get going. CNN+ — effectively an expanded universe of CNN news and related content and programming — will be killed off on April 30, 2022. That timeline means that it'll have survived for just over 30 days (which actually beats out Quibi's lifespan of about nine months back in 2020). While the service was able to convince about 10,000 users to pay $6, that number was not nearly enough to sustain the platform. With WarnerMedia (which, through the winding world of corporate ownership, controls Turner Broadcasting and, by extension, CNN) and Discovery merging together, the appointment of new CNN president Chris Licht coincided with the decision to kill off CNN+ formally. While CNN+ proper is definitely on its way out, it's very likely that content that would have lived on CNN+ will find its way to HBO Max (or the upcoming hybrid Discovery+ and HBO Max streaming platform). Streaming shenanigans aside, get a look at Yeti's new "Alpine Yellow" collection, The James Brand's first knife with MagnaCut steel and what might just be "the best office chair you can buy." This is Today in Gear.

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This Earth Day it's time you tried the ESQ shirt that ticks all the right boxes.
sponsored product napoli bamboo one piece micro dot shirt

With over a decade of high-end and bespoke tailoring experience, the minds behind ESQ know a thing or two about creating a shirt that fits and feels better than the competition. The Napoli Bamboo One Piece Micro Dot Shirt (as the name implies) is made with a proprietary bamboo fabric that's not just softer than your average cotton, and not just cooler (around three degrees, to be specific) than traditional cotton — but more sustainably farmed and environmentally friendly to boot. That's all on top of bamboo fabric's inherent moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, wrinkle-resistant properties.


The Klein is The James Brand's first blade with MagnaCut.
the james brand's the klein with magnacut
The James Brand

We love The James Brand here at Gear Patrol, and its pieces like The Klein that make it easy to see why. American-made Klein is the first blade to feature MagnaCut steel, itself an innovation from American metallurgist Larrin Thomas. MagnaCut is notable for its blend of stainless-steel-like corrosion resistance and the durability of carbon-led steel. Using MagnaCut to shape the design and aesthetic of the Klein model, The James Brand once again has another EDC classic on its hands.


Garmin's Vívosmart 5 fitness tracker was four years in the making.
vívosmart® 5

It's been four years since Garmin's last Vívosmart, and it appears that Garmin's sticking to a winning formula. Largely unchanged from the last go-around, the Vívosmart 5 fitness tracker adds a bigger OLED screen and interchangeable band, but still has GPS that requires connecting to your smartphone. That said, the tracker can still keep an eye on sleep patterns, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and hydration. It's not the most advanced tracker, but should service as a minimal option that, as one Engadget commentor notes, embodies Garmin's " 'buy once cry once' price model," giving you access to fitness tracker functionality without the need for subscriptions or navigating data privacy (as is the case for a few other brands).


Spring may be upon us, but Yeti's Alpine Yellow is inspired by mountaineering on the snow-capped Alps.
yeti's alpine yellow cooler

Yeti's latest collection — named "Alpine Yellow" after its bold colorway — is inspired by the mighty, snow-capped Alps. Recognizing that unique bonds are formed among those who climb and tackle mountains together, Yeti's products bring people together (like, say, sitting around one of its Tundra 45 hard coolers) and help them stay equipped while on the move (like its Lowlands blanket or Sidekick Dry gear case). Why yellow? Well, as Yeti ambassador and climber Conrad Anker notes, "What makes yellow special in the mountains is the absence of it." Shop the full collection below.


Humanscale's Path office chair the brand's most sustainable one yet.
path chair by humanscale
Jeremy Frechette

As our Home Desk pointed out, Humanscale's Path office chair "might be the best office chair you can buy." Made with 22 pounds of post-consumer materials, the Path chair is a collaboration with Todd Bracher Studio that utilizes an ergonomic design and comes 32 different colorway and material options. Most interestingly, the Path effectively "adapts" automatically to user, using a person's body dimensions (like weight and height) into a counterbalance. Oh, and did we mention the Path is certified climate positive? Learn more on the chair over on our Home Desk.


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