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Today in Gear: Product News Done Quick

Jump in to the "Ultimate" GMC Yukon Denali, Backcountry's pet-approved collaboration with Petco and a beginner-friendly vinyl player from Pro-Ject.

today in gear may 04 2022 dogs sitting in backcountry x petco carrier

If the GMC Yukon Denali was already a top-of-the-line GMC model, the GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate takes things to a whole other level. On the exterior, The Denali Ultimate has GMC-exclusive "Vader Chrome" trim on the grill, logo badge, fender vent and lower trim accent. The interior features full-grain leather in every row (yes, all three) of the vehicle, accented by an "Alpine Umber" trim color scheme. A laser-etched topographical map of Mount Denali can be found on the Paldao wood on the dashboard. This is on top of "Super Cruise" compatibility (basically GMC's hands-off driving program), an 18-speaker Bose audio set up and a Google integrated infotainment system. This car really is the "Ultimate" expression of what the Yukon Denali can be. Today we're jumping in to the "Ultimate" GMC Yukon Denali, Backcountry's pet-approved collaboration with Petco and a beginner-friendly vinyl player from Pro-Ject. This is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news. Send your most pressing product questions to tig@gearpatrol.com.
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Head into BARKCountry with Backcountry x Petco.
dog sitting on backcountry x petco bed

You know and love Backcountry as the source for all things outdoor gear, but its new collab with Petco spreads the love to your closest four-legged friend. Whether you're heading deep into the woods with your dog or just looking for some rugged kit that can survive every day wear-and-tear, Backcountry x Petco has everything from a dog-sized sleeping bag and flotation vests to various toys, T-shirts and leads.


Just getting into vinyl? Try Pro-Ject's beginner-friendly E-1 series.
pro ject e1 vinyl player

Anyone with a sizable record collection (that still receives daily play) can tell you: Investing in and setting up a reliable record player can be anything but easy. Pro-Ject has taken out much of the guess work in building a vinyl-playing system with the E1 series. Ranging from the plug-and-play E1 turntable to a turntable with a built-in phono preamp and Bluetooth transmitter (the E1 BT), Pro-Ject's budget focused E1 line (which ranges from $350 to $500) should have everything you need to get you started.


Who says running gear can't work at the airport?
man unloading car wearing tracksmith's rapid transit collection

Designed and inspired by runners on the go (or, better put, runners traveling by car, bus, train, plane or really anything other than their own two feet), Tracksmith's Rapid Transit collection is crafted to deliver athlete-approved gear that applies runner-friendly tech to travelwear. Consisting of key pieces — like the four-way stretch Rapid Transit Pant, an odor-resistant, super-fine Merino blend polo and an irritation-free base layer T-shirt — this is the collection to not just get you through race day, but to get you to the race site in the first place.


Vero's new Workhorse watch is... well, just that.
workhorse canyon watch

When Vero called this watch the Workhorse, it meant it. Protected by rubberized bull horns and 120 meters of water resistance. It's built to last in a variety of conditions. On the wrist, it's a 44.5mm scratch-resistant, Cerakote-coated stainless steel case and features an inner rotating bezel. Running on a powered by a Miyota 6S21 Quartz movement and boasting a one hour chronograph, it's not just a utilitarian-looking watch, it's also built to help you stay on top of things and track whatever timing you can think of.


You need a lamp that does more than just light up a room.
woman reading in bed using her loftie lamp

Loftie's eponymous lamp has a sleek modern design that's sure to make a statement whether it's plugged in or not. That said, it can do a lot more than simply light up a room. When connected to the Loftie app, it can trigger "sunrise" alarms in the morning or "sunset" dimming at night (which has light gradually travel up or down the base of the lamp, respectively) to sync with your sleep schedule, as well as a variety of color and ambient light settings to fit your mood or activity. Those who preorder now receive $100 off, and should receive the lamp shortly after it ships in August 2022.


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