Today in Gear: 5 Great Gear Picks to Give Your Monday a Boost

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.

today in gear june 06, 2022 fount

DON'T WORRY. Jerry Seinfeld has settled a lawsuit over his sale of an exceedingly rare but also apparently quite fake 1956 Porsche 356 A 1500 GS/GT Carrera Speedster. According to Carscoops, Seinfeld sold the car to a convoluted company who later attempted to sell the car, only for their mechanic to find it was not authentic. Seinfeld said he didn't know it was fake, lots of folks got mad, but now the whole issue is at rest. Details aren't available, but it seems everyone may have gotten their money back.

And now, for some real products that are not at all rip-offs. Today we're talking about a rotating outdoor pizza oven, compostable coffee packs for hiking, Virgil Abloh-designed cutlery and more.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to
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Perform, Look and Feel Better with a Personalized Program that Skips the B.S.
sponsored product fount immunity kits

The Fount Performance Program is a tech-driven, highly personalized system that aims to boost your mind and body to their peak optimization. No matter if you're a top-tier athlete or simply feel like you could be functioning better day-to-day: this is a program designed "for anyone who wants to perform, feel, or look better." Fount's professional concierge team will onboard you and coordinate lab tests that assess your body's relationship with nutrients, inflammation and metabolism, and regeneration. Next, you're paired with a dedicated Performance Advisor who meets with you one-on-one to establish your v1.0 Program, "a personally tailored mix... of nutrition, supplements, meditation, breath work, sleep, light, temperature, exercise, and recovery." The focus is on the highest-ROI opportunities in order to get you feeling your best, fast, without any doctor visits or insurance to deal with. Only a newly optimized you.


Sittin' on this dock, plug 'n' play...
usb c slim dock for 24” imac

Apologies to Otis Redding for the headline, but we're geeked by this one. Few "3rd-party" tech brands are as on-point vis-à-vis Apple gear as Satechi. The brand's latest must-have is this very pretty and super useful USB-C Slim Dock ($149) that fits the 2021 24" iMac exclusively. First and foremost, it's available only in silver and blue, the two most popular iMac colors. If that's of no concern, pick one up and you'll get a boatload of features, including a "10 Gbps USB-C data port, 10 Gbps USB-A data port, 2 x USB-A 2.0 ports, micro/SD card reader slots, and NVMe Sata Enclosure." The dock fits in seamlessly with your iMac and makes it nearly unstoppable.


For every pie, turn, turn, turn...
versa 16 outdoor pizza oven

Yeah, it's summer. Time to gather outdoors with friends and family for a little Vitamin D, some day drinking and a good ol' fashioned cookout. But this summer, skip the hot dogs – actually, skip the grill entirely. Pizza ovens are all the rage. There are a bunch of backyard pizza ovens out there, but the Versa 16 by Halo is new to us. The propane-fueled portable oven reaches 950° F in just 12 minutes, at which point it'll cook a 16" pizza on the included Cordierite cooking stone in just five minutes. Most of the competition necessitates that cooks turn the pizza as it cooks, but Halo's Versa 16 features a rotating cook surface – which means a hands-free experience that takes the guesswork out of your job.


Compostable, premium coffee packs for your next outdoor adventure.
man holding hikers brew coffee hazy hiker
Hikers Brew

Easily the worst part of hiking or camping is CSA, or "coffee separation anxiety," which is a term we just made up. But surely you can relate to our fear of being without a pristine morning brew whilst we traipse around the outdoors, away from our countertop machinery. Hikers Brew needs to be on your radar. This isn't instant coffee: its concentration is on multi-use, compostable coffee pouches that promote sustainability in the outdoors. The 36-gram packs come in a variety of flavors and are convenient packages of high-quality ground beans to be used in a variety of brewing methods, each yielding four six-ounce cups of organic, fair trade medium-grind coffee. The totally compostable pouches are made with compostable Kraft material and an inside film, both of which are ASTM D6400 Certified.


Captain Sloe gins up a spirit for the Yanks.
james may holding james gin
James Gin

Good News! British television legend James May, notably of Top Gear fame, produces his own line of gin overseas. And now, it's been cleared for shipment to the U.S. After purchasing half a pub, May became fixated on creating his own spirit or, as he puts it, he felt "a rabid desire for world domination through gin." The fine is called Asian Parsnip, and in May's own words, you'll taste "notes of nutty, sweet parsnip, redolent of the damp soil of the English countryside, and that sparkle of spices that will have thrilled anyone who has travelled (sic) in India or South-East Asia."


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