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Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.

today in gear july 5 2022 man sitting on taxa outdoors x topo designs limited edition kit and basecamp trailer
TAXA Outdoors

Amazon is currently testing a new system of electric cargo bikes in London. The four-wheeled electric cargo bikes are being used to make deliveries in the hopes that the company will be able to use this technology to replace standard van deliveries. On top of that, the company is also increasing the number of ‘walking deliveries’ with on-foot couriers tasked with delivering orders as well. Amazon hopes that the switch to electric vehicles and walkable deliveries will help the company reach its goal of running entirely on renewable energy by 2025. However, only time will tell how these decisions will impact the daily lives of their drivers – or rather, “on-foot couriers.” Today we’re looking at a new basecamp trailer, a removable roof rack and a solar-powered lunchbox. This is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to

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Meet Your New Favorite Basecamp Trailer
man walking towards taxa outdoors x topo designs limited edition kit and basecamp trailer
TAXA Outdoors

TAXA Outdoors recently paired up with Topo Designs to release a new limited-edition kit and basecamp trailer. Fans can shop the custom Woolly Bear trailer from the collab to secure a bright red version of the classic go-anywhere basecamp habitat, which will come outfitted with a suite of custom Topo gear to help you stay ready for anything. The full kit includes a utilitarian Mountain Gear Bag as well as a 16L Mountain Pack and a 10L Pack Bag.


Raise the Roof
knotix the universal adventure roof rack

For those without a roof rack, Knotix has you covered. The team has launched a modular roof rack that can be installed or removed from any standard 4-door vehicle in just 20 seconds. The rack can hold up to 330 pounds of cargo, withstand speeds up to 125 miles per hour and hold up in off-road travel. Equipped with a series of mechanical and magnetic locking mechanisms, the roof rack is a great hack for any quick getaway. For the next 27 days, users can shop the roof rack on Kickstarter at special early bird pricing ($299+).


Multitask with This Mini EDC
haxtec 3 pack multi tool tactical hair clips

This tiny, tactical EDC is also super clever. Haxtec’s Multi Tool Survival Hair Clips combine the functionality of a traditional barrette and a mini multi-tool. Within the clip, users can access a ruler, trolley coin, large screwdriver and small Phillips screwdriver. The clip also includes a serrated edge along one side for split-second cuts and is made of stainless steel for long wear. Available for just $9, these clips will make a great gift for any trail rider and have the strength to keep every strand – and every man bun – in place.


Trek Announces the Fastest Madone Yet
man riding madone bike on road
Trek Bikes

Trek has updated its coveted Madone bike to create a newer, faster model. The original Madone debuted in 2003 and while the updated version isn’t set to drop until 2023, fans are already buzzing about its performance. This Madone is technically the seventh generation Madone SLR model and is set to become the company’s fastest version ever. It's 300 grams lighter, can manage speeds of 60 seconds per hour faster and rules with a more aerodynamic design. Fans can shop the bike in multiple colorways today, with prices ranging from $8,000 to $13,200.


This Lunch Box is Making Lunch Cool Again
sunnyside solar powered self heating and cooling lunchbox

The days of sweaty ice packs are long gone – and solar-powered lunch boxes are here to stay. SunnySide has launched the first solar-powered, self-heating/cooling lunchbox to help you optimize your lunch routine. Equipped with induction technology for easy heating, thick insulation, three fans and a cooling element, this lunchbox is also leak-proof and dishwasher safe. To use, fans can charge the lunchbox via the USB-C connection and set their preferred temperature. The lunchbox is available via Kickstarter at early bird pricing ($69) for 15 more days, so make sure to shop soon.


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