Today in Gear: Best of January

Check out January's Top Clicked Products from Gear Patrol Studios' Today in Gear.

That’s right, get ready for the Month in Review – and just in the Nick o’time. Here we’ll share the five top-clicked products from this month’s Today in Gear posts. Buckle up for a great lineup of eye-catching gear, with everything from an avant-garde ‘horological sculpture’ to the newest Tom Sachs x NikeCraft sneaker. Scroll on to check out the full lineup and test your taste against the masses.

Today we’re taking a look at the L’Epée Grenade, Suzuki Jimny and Danner’s Evergreen Collection. This is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to

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The Ticking Grenade (Clock) That Stole The Show

This month, the top-clicked product was this strange timepiece from the innovative team at L’Epée. First founded in 1839, the Swiss manufacturer has continued to shock, impress and frankly startle the world with horological masterpiece after masterpiece. The L’Epée Grenade features a pin that doubles as the clock key used to set the time and wind the eight-day movement. Launched in eight colors with just 99 pieces available per color, the clock was modeled after the historic MKII grenade and displays the time across two black aluminum disks that rotate “directly over the beating heart of the Grenade."


Stay Ready for Casio’s New GM-2100C Utility Series

Earlier this month, we teased Casio’s impending release of three new metal-covered G-Shocks. While every ‘CasiOak’ tends to excite readers across the U.S., this new GM-2100C Utility Series offers fans three affordable models built with 44.4mm cases, brushed bezels with circular finishes and two-part fabric buckle straps. The lineup includes the G-Shock GM-2100CB-1AER ($248), GM-2100CB-3AER ($248) and GM-2100C-5AER ($226). While the brand is yet to release an official launch date, fans can expect the watches to go live sometime in March.


We’re Still Dreaming About the Suzuki Jimny Five-Door
Suzuki Motor Corporation

First unveiled at the Auto Expo 2023 in India, the Suzuki Jimny Five-Door rocks a spacious cabin and stretches almost two feet longer than the legendary three-door Kei car. Equipped with off-road tires, the vehicle sits on 15-inch wheels, and features impressive approach (36°), breakover (24°) and departure (50°) angles to tackle mud and rocky terrain as well as the three-door, only with more passengers. Powered by a grunty little 1.5-liter, 108-horsepower engine mated to a four-speed automatic and simple 4WD system, the Five-Door is yet to receive a U.S. release date, a gearhead can dream.


Danner’s Evergreen Collection Allows You to Repair and Revive Your Favorite Boots

Purpose-built for longevity, the Evergreen collection is built around the brand’s Recrafting program. Every piece in the collection is fully "recraftable," meaning products can be returned to the Danner team and repaired with new materials, so you’ll be able to wear them for years and years to come. We were lucky enough to partner with Danner to celebrate this new collection, which centers around the Douglas GTX ($280) and Pine Grove Chukka ($240). Fans can learn more about Danner’s Recrafting program and shop the Evergreen Collection at the link below.


Last But Not Least, The Tom Sachs x NikeCraft Field Brown GPS
yankeekicks brown tom sachs x nike gps sneaker

The new model will mark the first GPS drop of the new year. On February 5th, fans can shop the new colorway – the Tom Sachs x NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe in Field Brown – for $110. In the future, Nike plans to release each new GPS in larger numbers to ensure fans have a better chance to snag a pair – but stay ready, there’s no way these sneakers won’t sell out quickly.


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