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Today in Gear: Retro Edition

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.

Well if Nike x Tiffany's didn't get your collab muscles tingling, will Seth Rogen and Airbnb? According to Airbnb, "Seth Rogen is giving guests an inside look at the high-ly creative process behind his company, Houseplant." Get it, high-ly.

Guests and "one of their buds" will be able to stay at the Houseplant HQ where, "for the very first time, the actor and ceramicist is hosting an overnight stay to give guests an in-depth look at the creative process that fuels him (and his company Houseplant)."

Sounds like that means guests will be getting stoned with Seth Rogen, but we're still waiting for Airbnb to puff puff and give us more details.

In other news, today we’re taking a look at vintage Ferraris and titanium cups from Snowpeak.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to tig@gearpatrol.com.

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A24 And Chill

Show your love for quality cinematic offerings featuring stunner soundtracks, highly-developed plots, well-developed characters and fantastic cinematography while enjoying the loving embrace of a sumptuous organic cotton hoodie. Yes, it’s the A24 Dots Hoodie ($80). Artwork by Crystal Zapata is rendered in dark green puff print detailing for instant cinephile and cultural cred. Popcorn not included.


Tough As Coral
Taylor Stitch

Coral is the color of the gods and now is the time to embrace it, if you ask us. So here it is, manifested via the very real, rugged and earthly Ledge Shirt by Taylor Stitch in Dusty Coral ($138). Made from 8-oz. organic cotton twill, the Ledge shirt is an old favorite at TS. This new rendition will wear tough and look smooth as hell wherever you go. Expect compliments.


Snowpeak Ti-Single 450 Anodized Cup
Snow Peak

Anodized purple gear is back and lighter than ever. Behold the Snowpeak Ti-Single 450 Anodized Cup ($45). Made of titanium, it’s available in three colorways and designed to last the long haul, though, you won’t even notice it during that haul thanks to super light material. If your cup is full, may it be again.


The Creative Act By Rick Rubin

Is a book a piece of gear? Well when it’s written by music producer and super creative Rick Rubin, it might just become the most useful tool you own. Think about that! Aside from producing some artists you might have heard of like the Beastie Boys, Tom Petty and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rubin is also a deeply philosophical creative and a wellspring of inspiration. Crack open The Creative Act ($20) and crack open your creative future.


Ferrari Testarossas, Five Of Them
RM Sotheby's

Now is the chance to FINALLY acquire the black Ferrari Testarossa of your childhood dreams. It was just announced that not 1, not 2, not 3 but FIVE, Black Ferrari Testarossas will headline RM Sotheby’s Villa Erba auction in Lake Como this May. Comprised of models ranging from 1986 to 1996, these Testarossas are expected to fetch over $360 thousand dollars each. So you know, bring your checkbook.


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