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Kit: Mustang Fastback

If you’re fortunate enough to possess a Mustang Fastback — one of the grandaddies of the American muscle car — you know the respect and admiration it garners from car lovers to kids. It’s Americana on four wheels.



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If you’re fortunate enough to possess a Mustang Fastback — one of the grandaddies of the American muscle car — you know the respect and admiration it garners from car lovers to kids. It’s Americana on four wheels. That sort of red, white and blue clout requires a driver to pull off an homage to American style without resorting to a pair of Ol’ Glory lined cutoff jeans. Here, we line up the right kit (light on the actual stars and stripes pattern) you need to get it right.

Coach Leather Baseball Jacket

This the baseball jacket isn’t your typical high school or collegiate number. It’s burnished in ultra-soft hand-worked leather, and the collar, cuffs and waistband are made with an elasticized air-tucked leather ribbing. It’s a lifer, for sure, just like your Fastback.

Buy Now: $998

AG The Matchbox Alpha Jeans

Vintage American cars and great denim go together, especially since wearing bespoke trousers in a Fastback makes you look like an idiot. AG’s Matchbox Alphas are made of naturally aged selvedge denim with modern durability and a fit that’s pure updated classic. Rounded out with a bit of stretch for comfort, gold contrast stitching, button fly and five pockets, these are designer jeans with a simple heritage look that fits just right with the ‘Stang.

Buy Now: $198

EPLA Crewneck Sweatshirt Navy Marl French Terry

No gingham check spread collar number for you, pal. The Los-Angeles-based team at Epaulet has it right with a medium-weight crew neck made with cotton/poly terry. It’s soft and luxurious due to the numerous small loops in the interior, keeping the air flowing as you burn the tires on the pavement. Custom dyed for that vintage look, it says you’ve come a long way without forgetting your roots.

Buy Now: $95

Ball and Buck The Last Belt You’ll Ever Buy

These days, belts are less about keeping your dungarees from dropping to your ankles and more about making a style statement. But you drive a vintage muscle car, so some silly woven number isn’t going to work for you. Ball and Buck’s standby (which is handcrafted in Minnesota, by the way) is bold, tough and basic, made with thick saddle skirting and finished off with a serious antique brass roller buckle that’s replaceable — not that you ever would.

Buy Now: $118

Wolverine 1883 Julian Crepe Chukka Boots

If ever step out of the Fastback wearing fancy driving loafers with no socks, expect to get punched. Your shoes should be an American boot without lug soles, which could prevent good pedal feet. Wolverine’s Julian has a nice crepe sole that’s comfortable for both walks to the parts shop and pedal feel. They’re made with full-grain leather or water-resistant waxed suede with a long-lasting leather lining that resists odors from your hot summer nights of drag racing.

Buy Now: $137

Randolph Engineering Corsair

Randolph Engineering is an American sunglasses institution. Their new Corsair is inspired by the WWII fighter and has all the appropriate curvature to prove it. And even if you’re not a WWII fighter pilot (you’re not?), no one will dare call you a poseur: there’s no garish logo, no lens fade and nothing that even approaches tortoiseshell to be found here.

Buy Now: $199

Herschel Supply Woodland Camo Sutton Duffle

There are certain rules about carrying gear in a vintage car. You most certainly should not, for example, sling your stuff into your vintage Fastback in a small leather backpack with tassels. The Sutton Duffle is simple but edgy in camo and fits well with the Mustang’s image of American toughness and style. Hershel Supply lines it with coated cotton-poly fabric and adds full grain leather zipper pulls and a removable shoulder strap. You just have to figure out how much cash it’ll hold for your next stint as getaway driver.

Buy Now: $65

Bullitt on Blu-ray

Your chances of reaching Steve McQueen levels of coolness are close to nil, but your ‘Stang certainly helps. You can hardly drive it without first witnessing (and memorizing) McQueen’s legendary work in the driver’s seat during one of the best chase scenes in cinematic history, thrashing bad guys and the streets of San Fran. Don’t try duplicating it, please.

Buy Now: $14

Buck Knives 50th Anniversary Edition 110 Folding Hunter

Every guy should have a knife in his EDC, and the Buck 110 Folding Hunter is the right piece of American utility cutlery for daily use; it’s as good for slicing anti-freeze cap seals as it is for whittling and carving. This 50th Anniversary Edition (which just so happens to coincide with the Mustang’s same celebration this year) is made with gorgeous Macassar Ebony Dymondwood and capped off with solid brass bolsters. And just like the Mustang, it’s made right here in the good ol’ US of A.

Buy Now: $73

Mustang: 50 Years: Celebrating America’s Only True Pony Car

Even when your Fastback is dry docked in the garage, you can still ogle its beauty with this commemorative book. With 400 photos and details on each Mustang ever made — including special editions — it’s American car porn for any car enthusiast, but especially for you.

Buy Now: $37

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