Scuderia 120

There’s a particular theater to motorsport. The hair-bristling caterwaul of a race exhaust.

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There’s a particular theater to motorsport. The hair-bristling caterwaul of a race exhaust. The aromas of hot metal mechanics. The gritty dust of tire soot.

And that’s for spectators.

Step beyond the yellow line into pit row and things get far more visceral. And though we could prattle on in paragraphs about what it’s like to be face-to-face with the theatrics of racing Ferraris, we figured it best to report this story through the medium of film.

Teaming up with our cinematic friends at Lonelyleap, we ventured out to Salinas, California, home of the legendary track Laguna Seca for a ringside look at the drama of pit lane with a unique Ferrari racing team. Established in 2011, Team Scuderia Corsa provides Ferrari clients with the training and support they need to compete with fellow Ferrari owners in the Ferrari Challenge; the team also races in the IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship. The team already boasts several awards including winning the 2013 Rolex Sports Car Series (now the TUDOR Championships after merging with the American Le Mans Series).

The result of all this is our latest special presentation, a 120-second vignette that captures the drama of racing through our own fan-meets-film approach. It’s called Scuderia 120, and we hope you enjoy it.

How We Shot It
The pantheon of Ferrari racing has been written and reported on ad nauseam, so instead of another article or over-the-shoulder internet video, we decided to do something different. For Scuderia 120, we again partnered up our friends at Lonelyleap — top guns in the cinematic storytelling game — to capture the essence of a race day with team Scuderia Corsa. Lonelyleap’s documentary-forward and cinematic style is unparalleled, but at the end of the day, they’re also just a bunch of great folks we like blue-skying ideas and spending time on the road with.

Produced by: Eric Yang
Production by: Lonelyleap
Filmed by: Jeff Taylor, Bradley Hasemeyer
Sound Design and Mix: Dead Sound
Composer: Kevin Matley

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