This Week in Motoring: December 1, 2014

This Week in Motoring: F1 championship decided, an F1 car gets jumped by a truck, Elon Musk shows off a rocket, a Ferrari tows a wakeboard and much more.



Lotus F1 Jumps One of Their Cars With a Truck
Now that the 2014 F1 season is over, the teams have a little more time on their hands to play around. Take Lotus F1 for example, who just jumped a tractor trailer a record 83 ft, 7 inches while their Formula 1 car zipped by underneath. Idle hands?

Elon Musk Shows off His New Toy
Privatized space travel is all the rage with today’s billionaires. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed his new and improved Falcon9 rocket via Twitter. Adjustable “X-wings” and rocket thrusters help guide the rocket.

2015 Pirelli Calendar (NSFW)
It’s what everyone has been waiting for: the highly coveted 2015 Pirelli Calendar. For the uninitiated: it’s very NSFW. Happy holidays.

Tax The Rich Goes Wakeboarding
Love him or hate him, automotive Youtube sensation Tax The Rich is back at it abusing one of his Ferrari F50s. This time he tethers a wake boarding companion to the massive rear wing and tows his friend down a canal. road&

Lewis Hamilton is the 2014 F1 Champ
Luck might have something to do with dating the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, but Hamilton’s place atop the 2014 F1 podium was earned entirely by skill. It’s the first time since 1954 that a Mercedes “Silver Arrows” driver has taken the title.

Automatic Driving App
This new app and hardware plugs into the ODBII slot to render real-time driver data and troubleshoot small diagnostics. Keep an eye out for a verdict from our own Matt Neundorf.

More Layoffs at Ferrari
Marco Mattiacci barely got his seat warm as Ferrari’s F1 boss before he was sacked. Maurizio Arrivabene, an former Marlboro-sponsorship exec, will replace him going into the 2015 season. But with a revolving door as fast as this one, Arrivebene might be saying arrivederci soon enough.

Behind the Scenes at Morgan Motor Company
A behind-the-scenes look at the Morgan Motor company, which is hand-building its cars just as it did nearly 100 years ago. Learn More

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