Waltzing with an Old Quattro

Learning to drive fast on ice takes time.

Henry Phillips

10:00 EST | Dalton, New Hampshire – “These 2,800-pound Quattro tanks handle like crap on asphalt, but once you get them on snow and ice — you can make them dance like the best of ‘em.” Team O’Neil Rally School instructor Allan Moody explained the nuances of the stripped-out Audi 4000 CS as he grabbed second gear and crushed the throttle back to the floor. The engine became deafening and overwhelming — it was fantastic.

Allan’s a man who’s been driving since he was nine, has competed in no less than 17 rallies and in all sorts of cars, so I was already inclined to trust his assessment. But just to make sure he got his point across, he flicked the car one way, then the other and drifted the car back and forth, faultlessly threading through the coned-off course before us. It waltzed just as he said it would. We did a loop of the course, pulled over and switched seats. Then it was my turn. Quite the act to follow.

Photo Info: Canon 5D Mark III | f/3.5 | 1/5000 | ISO 200


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