Wilcraft Amphibious Ice Fishing & Hunting Vehicle

Thin Ice Has Met Its Match


Hunting is a primal activity that often requires participants to venture deep into unknown terrain in search of sport. For ice fisherman, and winter game hunters, the need to travel over frozen lakes makes their endeavor particularly dangerous. Miscalculations on what the ice can hold has resulted in countless accidents and deaths over the decades. In response to this danger,Wilcraft through unique design and years of expertise has built a vehicle that provides unmatched command of land and water.

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Wilcraft Amphibious Ice Fishing & Hunting Vehicle Photos

Featuring a locking differential, strategically designed weight placement, 11 inches of ground clearance and a smooth bottom, the Wilcraft looks somewhat like a children’s wagon on steroids. It’s long wheel base and wide footprint however allows the vehicle to produce a minuscule 1.811 lbs/in2 of ground pressure, making it drivable over ice of only walkable thickness. This provides the Wilcraft the flexibility to travel over land other vehicles can’t. Plus even if a fall through does occur, IT FLOATS.

Don’t think it’s tricks lie all on the outside though. Inside, every Wilcraft features a canvas enclosure and a 2″ insulated floor, which are sure to keep you warm and dry. However if you’re still suspicious of it being a trumped up go-kart, check out the video below to see it in action.

Cost: $10,500

Thanks to our friends over at Be Sportier for the heads up.

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