Behind The Wheel: 2009 Volkswagen CC Sport

One Week With Volkswagen's Foray Into Seduction


In 2008, Volkswagen, decided that well, people needed another “people’s car”. A car, perhaps not as brash and inappropriate as the Phateon but not as docile or plebeian as the Passat. The result, if you will, is part Mercedes CLS, part Jaguar XKR, part Audi A6, all planted on the ingenuity and Germanic quirkiness VW is renown for.

The 2009 Volkswagen CC, or comfort coupe, is a car that blends a sports coupe’s performance focus and design with a luxury sedan’s functionality. Volkswagen was kind enough to provide a 2009 CC to Gear Patrol for a week here in Los Angeles. The result? Well, watch the video after the jump. As the locals would say here, it was mucho fun-o.

At first, the driver enthusiast in your head might say “yeah, yeah, it’s pretty much a Passat with a different outfit.” Well, silence that voice.

Admittedly, the 2009 Volkswagen CC utilizes a similar platform as the Passat, but the CC costs less (if ever so slightly), is two inches wider and three inches shorter, and utilizes the same 2.0 inline four-cylinder turbo that produces 200 HP and 207 lb-ft torque. Outside of the fact that it will start in a driveway, end up at an office and vice versa, that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

If you’ve seen the video then you’ll understand my reference to “Sandy” from high school. She was girl next door. She had that pleasant brown hair and played soccer, didn’t start, but coach would put her in towards the end of the game. She was quiet, sweet and your mom liked her.

Then there’s Cameron. She lived in another neighborhood that you sometimes “passed by”… She was the tall, blonde, that wasn’t just everyone’s crush, but also approachable and sweet, but also your high school’s ranked (state) tennis star. She was mysterious, gorgeous and your dad liked her. That would be the difference between the Passat and the CC.

The Volkswagen CC starts around $27,000, it boasts a Passat trumping 21/31 mpg (sorry, Sandy) and though it’s a luxury car, it’s priced well below many of the German luxe bahnstormers, and far below its stylistic cousin, the beautiful, but obnoxiously overpriced Mercedes-Benz CLS ($70,000). And like Cameron, the CC turns more heads than an Accord or any domestic you’ll find currently available. Even your tricked-out Sebring…

The two-toned leather sport seats, seductively sumptuous interior (see the photos), sport notched steering wheel, Tiptronic shifting, auto-leveling/swiveling headlights that adjust with your turns, checks-and-balances traction control, all want to make move me through Los Angeles at a rapid (and not so gas-conscious) clip. I acquiesce with glee. It’s a solid ride in a way that Volkswagen can only pull off, without feeling heavy (which VW can also do). It makes rapid maneuvers between cars at (ahem) any speed, a breeze. The cornering feels more like Audi’s famed g-force inducing Quattro all-wheel drive system and though 0-60mph in 7.4 seconds may sound “slow”, it certainly doesn’t feel that way, much less from a car that yields 31mpg highway.

… wants to make move me through Los Angeles at a rapid clip. I acquiesce with glee.

Admittedly, unless I took control of the shifting with Tiptronic, the gearbox seemed as if it was still groggy with Monday morning haziness. At times, it was slow to pick up my desire to accelerate and then it pushed past where I wanted to be, a bit fussy at times. Outright, annoying at others. Now, this is an adaptive transmission so I’d suspect with time the vehicle would learn my driving behaviors (aggressive). Also, the swept-back roof design, though incredibly sexy, squashes the A-pillar right into my forward eye line. Something that nearly resulted in a svelte (A-pillar, svelte) jogger from getting a face on view of the grille. The pessmist’s wallet might also note that the Volkswagen CC’s reliance on electronics and might make for a long-term bank flush.

As for the bells and whistles, in classic Volkswagen (European) style, options will cost you dearly. A fully-loaded 2009 Volkswagen CC with the VR6 engine (beastly), all wheel drive, Sat-Nav, Bluetooth, larger wheels, etc, will net you in the mid $40k’s. A lot of money for a Volkswagen, indeed, but the CC is a ride not necessarily for the frugal, but for the man looking to advance his echelon while retaining his feet planted firmly on reality and functionality. Someone who makes a list of pros and cons, then makes his decision.

Author’s Note: There is no doubt the 2009 Volkswagen CC is a great, if not one of the more gorgeous roadgoing cars, of this year. It shorts on neither stylings or performance for the price, and it’s sexy. Simple as that. Wait, have I already said that? It’s Los Angeles, what do you expect?

Cost: $27,000+

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