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Skip the Power Wheels and Upgrade Your Kid’s Ride to One of These Junior Cars

When your kids and their love for cars outgrow their pedals, it’s time to get them a junior car.


A lot of kids’ first introduction to the idea of cars (and how incredibly fun they are) is getting behind the wheel of a pedal car or Power Wheels. Miniature cars with barely enough power to get out of their own way are safe enough to put parents at ease, but entertaining enough to keep the kids whipping around until the battery dies or their legs give out.

Cozy Coupes and Power Wheels are fine and dandy for kids in the single-digit age bracket, but obviously as the little enthusiasts grow so does their love of cars and their need for speed. Junior cars are the next level: they come with more power and more speed, and they ditch the clunky wheels and cartoonish looks in favor of styling from iconic classics. A few of them can actually fit adults up to six feet tall, so even if you don’t have kids it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun and act like one.

Junior Racer


Modeled after the Lotus 24 Formula 1 car, the Junior Racer takes on the beauty of F1’s golden era. And though it might only be a miniature version of a classic race car — with Brembo brakes, coilover suspension and electric start — the Junior Racer can still take a corner. The 110cc air-cooled engine also gets the car up to 45 mph, but a limiter can be adjusted to lower that top speed to parents’ liking.

Engine: 110cc air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder
Price: $24,072

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Cobra 289


The AC Cobra was famous for its power-to-weight ratio and iconic style. With Group Harrington’s 289 Cobra, you certainly get the looks, and with the car only weighing 440 pounds, a 44 mph top speed is easily achievable. Like many of the cars on this list that speed can be adjusted via a restrictor. The front engine, rear-wheel-drive and limited-slip differential also mean classic roadster handling. An adjustable pedal box lets adults up to six feet tall comfortably drive it, which makes for a great excuse to teach a lesson in sharing.

Engine: 70cc or 120cc four-stroke single-cylinder
Price: $12,399

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Junior Roadster


The Junior Roadster shares an 110cc engine, Brembo brakes and adjustable top speed with the Junior Racer above, but the scaled-down Jaguar XK120 also gets a working horn, headlights, turn signals and a “full-sized” spare in the trunk. (Flat cap and tweed jacket sold separately.)

Engine: 110cc air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder
Price: $21,232

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Razor Crazy Kart


The Razor Crazy Kart may not look like a ’60s European sports car or have a gas-powered engine, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a riot. The basic layout of the Crazy Kart, combined with the Drift Bar, can lead to Ken Block-style drifts… albeit at 12 mph. As the lowest-priced option on the list, it’s temping not to get a few and encourage mini drift battles around your cul-de-sac.

Engine: 24v battery
Price: $370

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Land Rover Defender Pedal Car


Built by Land Rover and designed after the Defender, this mere pedal car is still a massive step up from a Cozy Coup. Junior will have to get around under his own power, but the off-road tires, mud flaps, running bar, leather trim and seats mean he’ll be doing it in utter style.

Engine: Pedals and determination
Price: $14,202

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