Cirrus Aircraft SR22T

Jealousy Still Applies At 17,500 Feet


If the spoils of your endeavors have imparted you with roughly half a million in spare change (e.g. short selling British Petroleum), the newest member of the Cirrus SR22 aircraft lineup might be the definitive differentiation purchase. The Cirrus Aircraft SR22T ($475,000+) touts an exclusive 310 hp Teledyne Continental Motors twin-turbocharged engine mated to a Hartzell 3-blade prop that propels this 26 footer (38′ wingspan) to a max cruising speed of 212 mph (185 KTAS) with a cruising distance of 1,049 nautical miles. At a cruising altitude of 17,500 feet, we imagine even the Ted Turner’s of the world could survey their spoils and sprawls.

Onboard, the SR22T is feature-packed with a Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, Garmin Avionics, eTAWS (terrain warning system), Synthetic Vision technology, XM weather & audio, lightning detection, dual 12″ LCD screens with S-TEC autopilot/flight directors/keyboard controllers, Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav radios, Avidyne displays, built-in oxygen system, Xi custom tailored interior, and custom aviation two-tone paint. Of course, if your flight plans direct you to cold or hot climates (and why wouldn’t they), Cirrus has you covered with air-conditioning ($19,900 – not a typo), or Known Ice Protection ($44,500) amongst its other $430,000 in available options.

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