This Beautiful Outlaw Porsche Can Easily Be Yours

Mint-condition classic Porsches are overpriced, underpowered and unreliable.

Rod Emory may be the modern face of the “Outlaw Porsche,” but it’s more of an ethos than a brand. But just like an Emory Outlaw Porsche, this example of a 1967 Porsche 912 has been heavily modified to hot rod status, but we’re not talking Fast and the Furious body kits and “Danger to Manifold” indicator screens. No, aside from a few decals and minor exterior changes, this outlaw Porsche looks largely original to any untrained eye.

If you’re all about matching numbers and OEM parts, you’ve probably already moved on. If you’re one that yearns for the classic design of yesteryear’s cars (especially the iconic 911 silhouette), but you could do without the mechanical drawbacks and want some modern performance sprinkled in, this is an absolute gem. The problem with quality restomods is that they tend to be on the more expensive side, with the more “affordable” examples sporting less-than-quality craftsmanship. The price tag here is attainable, but look for yourself: the documentation on all the work, maintenance and storage of this car is incredibly in depth.

Considering the extensive suspension and performance upgrades, there’s no denying that this car been on the quicker side of a few apexes, but the owner states that “when not in use, the car is stored in a CarCapsule Showcase protective cover.” You know this car was respected, loved, and fine-tuned for the art of driving. Bid now or forever hold your piece.

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