You Can Now Own the Land Rover Defender from ‘Spectre’

Hands down, the best part of the movie.


It’s fair to say that when Spectre was announced, the cars that would be featured were as eagerly awaited as the villain and plot. When the credits finally rolled, opinions of the plot were critical, but Christoph Waltz as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and the slew of cars drifting through the streets of Rome and racing through the Alps, were resounding fan favorites. The only downside: the cars were one-offs made for the movie. But now, Tweaked Automotive, a London-based car modifying company, is bringing the villainous blacked-out, beefed-up Land Rover Defender from the film to life.

Tweaked Automotive — which specializes in modifying Land Rover Defenders — will turn either a Defender 110 or 90 into the Bond-hunting overlander you’ve always wanted. That includes the blacked-out paint scheme, unique wide fenders, 16-inch beadlock wheels and a roof rack — not to mention the light bar, brush guard, winch, and both headlight and taillight guards. You can buy a Defender through Tweaked Automotive and have them modify it right away, or, if you already have a Defender and you want it modified, they’ll be happy to do that too. To sweeten the deal, Tweaked Automotive also “provide full export, shipping and importation services, right to your very doorstep.” Sold.

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