Want an Audi RS4? Get This Instead

When performance and practicality come at a bargain this good, it’s worth a look.

With the new Audi A4 Allroad conjuring up all kinds of wagon love, this tastefully modified 2008 S4 Avant was too good not to share. But this isn’t some amateur shop-class build; all the tuning and tinkering was done by VF Engineering in Los Angeles. The seller dropped around $30,000 in power and handling upgrades to bring this S4 up to RS4 performance standards. A few of those upgrades include a VF supercharger, Stasis/Öhlins Motorsports suspension, Alcon brakes and HRE P40 Series monoblock wheels.

If you’re looking for performance and practicality, sport wagons are always a great bet. But if you want RS-grade performance on top of that, and for a fraction of what it costs today — well, this sky-blue sleeper is what dreams are made of.

Mileage: 39,882
Location: San Fransisco, California

Learn More: Here

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