Watch: A Documentary on the Deadly, 200 MPH Isle of Man TT

A 19-minute rider’s-eye view of the notoriously dangerous course.


In the realm of contemporary racing, nothing touches the raw danger of the Isle of Man TT, a fiercely fast motorcycle race held on a small island between Ireland and England. Conducted on closed public roads, on a course stretching 38 miles through town centers and rural farmland, the average speeds can top 130 mph, with maximums well over 200. Between its founding in 1907 and 2015, more than 140 competitors died while pushing their machines and themselves to the limits.

Film producer Chris Kippenberger and his team at Studiokippenberger produced a gorgeous 19-minute documentary about the race, which just landed on Amazon Prime after its initial rollout on Vimeo. (If you’re not a Prime subscriber, you can watch the documentary with ads.) Filled with both white-knuckle high-speed footage from the race — captured on the ground, from the air, and from the riders’ perspectives — as well as mesmerizing slow motion, the film is reverential toward both the course and the riders who risk their lives to set records there.

Watch Now on YouTube: Here

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