Seiko Made a Badass Watch for Motorcyclists and You’re Not Supposed to Have It

A decades-long collaboration has produced yet another unique and affordable timepiece.


For decades, Japanese watch brand Seiko and Italian design house Giugiaro Design (known to auto enthusiasts as Italdesign) have collaborated on a series of motoring-inspired timepieces. It’s a unique partnership that’s garnered a lot of fun, affordable watches, like the iconic “Ripley” chronograph made famous by the film Aliens. Now, Seiko and Giugiaro have just unveiled their latest collaboration, a reissue of the Rider’s Chronograph from the 1980s.

As the name suggests, the chronograph is geared towards motorcycle riders. Specifically, the dial is tilted clockwise 15 degrees and sloped toward the wearer five degrees so that the dial is easier to read while riding a motorcycle. Five different versions are available, all using a Seiko quartz chronograph movement, with a five-year battery life. Four will be in stainless steel with black “super-hard coating” and one will be offered in unfinished stainless steel.

Here’s the rub: It’s a limited edition for the Japanese domestic market, though often these JDM models show up for sale on Amazon and Seiya Japan down the road. Two black-coated models — one with red trim and one with orange — will be available in 1,500 pieces each on November 11, while the unfinished stainless steel model, green-trimmed and blue-trimmed black models will be available in 1,000 pieces each on January 27, 2017. Prices range between 30,000 and 35,000 yen, $290 and $339 as of writing.

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