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Found: 4 Adventure Vehicles to Take on This Year’s Snowpocalypse

An incredibly harsh winter is all but guaranteed.


Life doesn’t stop when the temperatures drop and the snow starts to fall. You still need to get to work, go food shopping and if you’re lucky, get out of town for the weekend. The daily driver that does the job in optimal conditions may not be enough when the weather starts to turn and this winter is already looking grim. We’re right at the cusp of another Polar Vortex, which is just a fancy term for Canada sharing its bitter cold winter weather with the US. But since this year’s Snowpacolypse since expected to be a repeat of last year, or even worse, it’s best to prepare now and get your self a vehicle that will see you through it.

1978 Dodge Power Wagon

What we like: A rebuilt V8 sitting above a six-inch suspension lift and four-wheel-drive should be the first thing on any winter survival list. This Power Wagon may have a few minor scratches, but it looks like it takes the title of winter beater seriously.
From the owner: The cost of parts and restoration of these vehicles are increasing daily. They are not making any more and, therefore, they are becoming more rare by the day.

Mileage: 31,000
Location: Denver, Colorado

Buy Now: $10,900

1993 Hummer H1

What we like: An H1 Hummer’s proven record is enough to earn it a spot on the list for winter survival SUVs.
From the owner: This truck is exactly as it came from the military. Nothing has been changed. This truck has the 6.2–liter diesel non-turbo with auto transmission. New run flats were installed approximately 200 miles ago.

Mileage: 43,000
Location: Elk Mound, Wisconsin

Buy Now: $23,600

1965 International Harvester Scout

What we like: A Chevy 350 crate engine in a ’65 Scout is an ideal setup no matter what season you’re getting through.
From the owner: No rust; everything is either new or rebuilt.

Mileage: 5,000 (restoration)
Location: Moorhead, Minnesota

Buy Now: $20,800

1986 Land Rover Defender 2.5L Turbo Diesel

What we like: This Defender happens to to be well appointed. Wood grain floors and quilted leather seats make a gloomy drive incredibly more bearable.
From the owner: Full restoration is recently completed. Took almost two years to end up with this perfect result.

Mileage: 58,000
Location: Dunellen, New Jersey

Bid Now: $11,800

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