Dodge Finally Gives the Challenger AWD

For the first time ever, a two-door American muscle car gets AWD.

For the first time ever you can spin all four wheels on a two-door American muscle car. The Challenger GT is the latest addition to the Dodge lineup, and with it comes winter-ready AWD. Since the Challenger shares the same platform as the Charger — which can already be optioned with AWD — Dodge didn’t exactly have to move earth and heaven to get it done.

While the prospect of a Challenger with AWD is exciting, it’s kind of a buzzkill that it’s only available with the V6 automatic. Had the Hellcat come with AWD to manage all that power, there might be a few more of them still on the road rather than in ditches or body shops. An optimist would say the GT is merely a test bed for how well an AWD Challenger sells, before Dodge commits to bolting the winter-friendly drive system in the SRT 392 Hemi Scat Pack or Hellcat. But if you like the idea of an AWD Challenger regardless, you can pick one up for $34,490 in the first quarter of 2017.

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