Stop What You’re Doing and Download This Vintage Defender Wallpaper

Not all of the photos we take make it online. Now, our cutting room floor is available for you to download as wallpaper.

Jason Heaton

Editor’s Note: Going on worldly adventures, witnessing incredible moments and sharing it all with you, our readers, is a passion of ours. And, regrettably, for the small handful of images we’re able to show you with each story we publish, countless others, though beautiful and deserving of admiration, don’t make the cut. That’s why we’re turning our cutting room floor into your new source for desktop and phone wallpaper.

“Iceland exists as if out of the mind of a science fiction writer — not in the futuristic sense, but as some timeless place, where the elements that created the earth meet the people who harness its power. A deck of stock images spring to mind: volcanos, glaciers, hot springs and catchy pop bands, perhaps. And indeed, we experienced all of those during a week there. This is a raw place inhabited by inventive and strong people, descendants of Vikings, who drive monster trucks, eat rotten fish and heat their homes with volcano-heated water. It is perhaps the most exotic place on Earth. And it’s only a five-hour flight from Manhattan.” – by Jason Heaton, from Glaciers, Volcanos and Wind in Iceland

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