Do Yourself a Favor and Download This Porsche Boxster Spyder Wallpaper

Not all of the photos we take make it online. Now, our cutting room floor is available for you to download as wallpaper.

Eric Yang

Editor’s Note: Going on worldly adventures, witnessing incredible moments and sharing it all with you, our readers, is a passion of ours. And, regrettably, for the small handful of images we’re able to show you with each story we publish, countless others, though beautiful and deserving of admiration, don’t make the cut. That’s why we’re turning our cutting room floor into your new source for desktop and phone wallpaper.

“As Porsche has grown up, so has its engineering apparatus. The company’s future is rushing towards speed with efficiency, hybrid electric powertrains, legions of turbos and lots of science. Good for them. It’s clear that that’s what the world needs, but with a car like the Boxster Spyder, you also remember this is a company with deeply rooted passion, a history for no-nonsense thrills and engineers who remember that the spirit of a car should sometimes be based on gut and instinct.” — Eric Yang, Gear Patrol Magazine Issue One

Download for Desktop

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