TV’s Best Car Show Will Raise The Bar For Car Spotting

Brush up on your Delahayes and pre-war Bugattis.

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The last we saw of Sterling Archer, he was riddled with bullets, face down in a pool in Los Angeles. So goes the life of the world’s best ex-secret agent. Well, the trailer for season eight just landed, but if you were looking for a little resolution, forget about it.

This season looks as if Archer is starring as a private detective in his LA Noir-themed coma dream, as he floats lifelessly in said pool in the Hollywood hills, set in what looks like the ’30s or ’40s. There’s plenty of soft focus, phrasing and machine gun fire to go around, but car-spotting this season will take an incredibly deep knowledge of obscure cars, most of which are from manufacturers that don’t even exist anymore.

Every season of Archer has been packed with cars, some notable (Archer’s Dodge Charger), others, not so much (Cyril’s Dacia), but season eight looks like you’ll need to brush up on your Delehayes, Packards and pre-war Bugattis.

Archer season eight premieres April 5 at 10pm, on FXX.

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