Ford Doubled Production of the Coolest Bronco, But You Still Can't Buy It

Ford offered buyers a First Edition of the new 2021 Bronco, combining its luxury and off-roading tech packages. They can't offer enough of them.

new ford bronco

Ford launched the new 2021 Bronco with an epic media blitz across multiple platforms. Yet while it may seem incredible, it appears Ford may have underestimated the amount of interest in the new SUV — particularly at the top end of the market.

Like many automakers do with new car launches, Ford released the Bronco with a pricey First Edition, to capitalize on well-heeled enthusiasts particular interest. The First Edition could also be termed Bronco Fully-Loaded. It merges the luxury elements from the Outer Banks trim with the off-roading features from the Badlands and Wildtrak trim; plus, you get the Sasquatch package, and pretty much every other bell and whistle. It costs twice the price of the base Bronco, though: a little over $59,000 for the two-door and $63,000 for the four-door.

Ford originally intended to offer 3,500 First Edition Broncos. If you decided to wait until the morning after the launch to reserve one, you missed out. because they were already reserved. According to a poster, Ford then doubled production with a "one-time expansion" to offer 7,000 First Edition Broncos. But if this is the first you're hearing about it, well, we've got bad news: those appear to be fully booked on the website now as well.

All hope is not lost if you’re hoping to score a First Edition. A $100 refundable deposit is not an ironclad commitment, so it’s probable some folks will drop out and open up a few slots. Just keep your eyes peeled on the site here for any changes.

On the bright side, a non-First Edition Bronco you load up with $30,000 worth of options yourself won’t look much different in anyone’s estimation. Plus, judging from the Mustang, Ford is the king of the special editions; if you missed this one, we’d suspect there will be more special Broncos down the road, including a potential Bronco Raptor.

We don’t know yet what First Edition sales will mean for the Bronco’s broader popularity. But we’d suspect some cold sweats are breaking out at Jeep — and, at that price range, Land Rover, what with the new Defender that buyers may have a hard time finding.

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